Bring Back Ganking

Now that we have seen that nerfs to ganking do not improve the game, and even the antigankers have all quit playing, it’s clear that a few changes need to be made to bring back EvE to the kind of fun PvP gameplay that everyone enjoys.

Here are some good changes, to help Burn Jita return:

*Exhumer/barge ehp should be reduced 75%
*Restore -10 ganker docking rights
*Prolonged bumping should be a thing
*Bring back bounties
*Eliminate wardec structure requirements
*Ingame Mining Permits
*Interactive Aiko statues that shoot your spaceship
*Add ganking to the NPE
*Let the alphas gank!
*Friendly fire on by default in all corps (and always on in NPC corp)


Everything is getting nerfed, mining and PI has been nerfed, so to will ganking. The reason being are the big kids in Null don’t like the big kids in High Sec having more ISK. Why do you think mining in High Sec was nerfed?

Another reason Aiko is because it’s time for High Sec gankers to have your coffers drained, just like you have drained the coffers of so many, thus is the way of New Eden, the eventuality of ALL powerful factions being drained so that no one faction is more powerful than the server.

Cheers mate.

Calm down miner.


Calm down Ganker…see I even give respect to the Ganker by capitalizing the word. Where’s your respect?

Please stay on topic.

Context needed?

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I am, the algorithm reads the word Ganker and associates the word with being part of the topic title, thus the conversation is on topic.

Ooh, drew a PI Capsuleer into the fight. Nice, what’s in your cargo hold?

Dryson, please stop trying to disrupt the thread with your inane rants.

Billions in deadspace modules for my Basi I haul around in my crane to do incursions.

Also haul implants when selling LP

And every now and then I haul about 100-200mil in robotics PI to store in my massive PI stockpile I have been hording lol

Anyways discuss what OP is wanting this is not something about PI. Sorry OP.

It is really unfortunate ganking got the nerf hammer. I remember when CCP made battleships MORE tanky and I thought that was rough for gankers. (More HP for bulkheads, armor plates, and LSEs.)

Good luck attempting to gank a marauder pilot who’s awake these days. (Max travel fit tank) Even worse for the kronos as it got a 5th mid slot :joy:

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While not a perfect replacement, could you imagine someone replacing an entire game feature that CCP removed and promised to bring back?

It’s really sad when players have to program back in features that CCP temporarily disabled.


What a baby.

Do as you are told by your intelectual superiors.

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What really needs to be pointed out is that ganking is simply highsec PvP. It’s odd how we never see people rile about the 390 Ventures a day that get destroyed in lowsec by other players or by NPCs, yet 6 Ventures a day can get destroyed by other players in highsec and somehow its the end of the universe and the sky is falling down.


could it be because hisec has a high concentration of solo players, the ones who want to be left alone ?

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Why is anyone joining a multiplayer game to be left alone ? I am baffled by these people who come up with ’ Oh, I just want to be able to mine in peace after a hard day’s work as I find it relaxing’. If they want to ‘relax’ they can go play Solitaire to Mozart or something…rather than logging in to an online multiplayer PvP game !


I don’t know, really I don’t. But there seem to be quite a few of them in EvE. The question is, is there a concentration of them in hisec, unorganized hence defenseless of their own volition, ripe for the picking (if such is one’s playstyle), and therefore loud on the forums if they are confronted with “we are not alone”.

p.s. no, I am not advocating compassion or empathy, lol. While I understand that most of Aiko’s post is irony*, hisec is in dire need of some shaking up again. And that’s coming from a player who never ganked in hisec (unless by killright or wardec).

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I cannot comprehend why. Did they miss out on the NPE that has them destroyed and quite intentionally tells them they will die lots more times ? Did I miss some part of the NPE where it says ’ Eve asteroid belts…the perfect place to unwind after a hard day’s work ’ ?

These people baffle me. Maybe their spelling is so bad that they mean to type Carebear Farm when searching for a game but accidentally typed Eve Online instead.

it’s the “piling up isk equals fun” bunch, maybe ?