[New Module] Tether Jumpers

What would the addition of propulsion modules of this type do to the Combat in EVE?

[2MN Tether Jumper]
When activated, jumps the ship in the direction of the target for a distance equals to half the distance plus a ratio of the remaining distance proportional to the inverse of the target’s weight (the heavier the target, the closer to it you jump).

Of course if would be a lot easier to catch kiters with it, and you would end always pointed by a jumper. But I think it would also make sure they’d be an interaction in fights (no more being kited with no recourses at all).

This would obviously need some balance, but I think it would bring another dimension to EVE’s combat.

If only they implemented modules that drastically cut lock or weapon ranges. Honestly I think adding those would be a simpler solution and be a bit more balanced. Still keep them as a mid slot but maybe even add ships with bonuses to them for working in fleets.


Brilliant idea. We could call them, I dunno, something like “Sensor Suppressor” or “Disruptive Weaponator”. Maybe we could add a loadable to them so we could tune their performance in various ways. I could imagine ships with bonuses to them being used to support fleets by reducing the effectiveness of the enemy.

Possibly a small frigate sized one and a cruiser sized one to match the logistics options for frigate and cruiser fleets.

Even better. Could you imagine a module, probably again a mid-slot, that if you do manage to entice the kiter in towards you you could slow him down and stop him escaping to range again. A “Spacial Stickification module”.


Or better yet use what we already have?

Electronic warfare - EVE University Wiki
Electronic Countermeasures - EVE University Wiki

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Well, I’ll be dammed it isn’t often but it seems like ccp were aware of this need and implement the ideas already. Do you know when these things were added? Surely it must have been recently.

10 years at least, sadly it was nerfed in 2018.

October Balance Pass | EVE Online

Notice the whine? The Dev that did this didn’t even bother to learn the stuff in the link I posted!

As a victim, watching your ship die while jammed without anything you can do about it feels bad. As an ECM user the system doesn’t feel great either when you get unlucky and miss a lot of jams. We would love to improve both sides of this coin by giving ECM more consistent behavior while also toning down the helplessness that comes with being jammed.

See that’s more like the ccp I know. Fixing something by changing the part of a mechanic that wasn’t broken while ignoring the actual issues all tied up into an argument that holds less water than an inverted salt shaker.

All those modules you guys suggest have the same problem.

They create a situation where one side can hit the other while the other one can’t. That and they don’t depend on gameplay, they depend on preparation, a bit like kiters choosing their fights and denying interactions.

I’m just going to pretend things like slingshoting doesn’t exist and their actually is no gameplay when it comes to range management as seems to be the case in your imaginary world.

Yes like most games modules and play styles have counters, and those counters too have counters.

But how does this apply any different to your over complicated mjd? It’s still a matter of fitting it to your ship. Same as a damp, a web, a scram, or a second prop.

PvP starts well before your on grid with another player. From hunting, choosing to engage and fitting in the hanger you need to be proficient in all these areas in order to see success consistently.

Don’t worry, I know about slingshotting, and it does indeed kinda solve the problem of interaction between kiters and scram/brawlers. But I think it’s a solution that’s too unclear and vague, as in it would never automatically occur to a player that the orbit system can be exploited in that way.

The problem of EVE is that most of the time, the counter is a HARD counter, you are just ■■■■■■.
The same trap would have to be avoided with that module of course, so probably it would ask for changes so that the kiter is not instantly ■■■■■■ when the jumper catch up to him, as in being able to put some distance between them again. That’d ask for a reduction of the sticking and definitive power of webs and scrams. Webs would have to be active only for a moment, and Scrams would still serve as points, but would only shut MWDs and other effects for a moment.

There are no hard counters, just bad fits and entitled solo pilots.


tldr; Yet another solo player wants EVE to only have “fair” fights…


I can’t think of many hard counters. there is almost always something you could do to get out of a situation or if not there was always something you could have done not to be put into it.

The game is already balanced by x but im not good at it so lets change it to y and add in a mod that I think would create an environment im better at.

now im no stranger to solo pvp but Im not exactly above average when it comes to it. but thats because this is an MMO so I learned how to fly in small gangs. Even then this game is built in such a way that if you know what you’re doing you can beet a small fleet solo. And the pilots that can do it normally pull it off in a way that you can’t even be mad that he just wiped your entire fleet even with e-war and logi.

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Posts like this make me long for the early days of ECM where if a Falcon pilot was on grid, you were screwed…

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that day never existed. there were just a lot of pilots who feared them for no reason.

unless you were in a bunch of T1 frigs and DD then you were screwed. and are still screwed because CCP couldn’t be bothered to fix any of the actual issues. I mean even unbonused damps could shut down a falcon by forcing it into drone range. an arazu could keep two falcons out of a fight and have enough sensor strength to be safe from jams even if they locked you first. but a falcon can perma jam anything smaller than a cruiser if it was T1 and generally had well over a 50% chance even on T2 cruisers outside of the recon line.

it baffles me how ECM can be both completely broken and the worst E-war while the rest remain pretty balanced.

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OK, you got me there. It is exactly as you said.

So wait, which one is it? We’re you screwed or not?

And again, I think this is exactly what I was talking about. You have ships and fits that can completely shut down whatever their preferred targets. While I understand that you ought to reap the rewards of countering the opponent, what I do not like is the lack of interactions. As in, Falcon lands, and either you already counter it or you are ■■■■■■.

I think addressing the problem of that lack of interaction and that heavy countering at the navigation level is a good first to address that.

I take offense to that.
No I do not want fair fights, I’ve screwed and baited enough people to not give a damn about that.

But what I want is fights. And there is no fight when all you are doing is press a button and the guy is dead, it’s boring.

For me, I look at the interaction between the different prop modes, Afterburner, MWD and notice that there is a clear gap in the space between the two, that’s all.

Good, that was the intended outcome.

Well, that makes you not only a filthy liar, but a rude one as well.


im sorry? was

somehow not clear? you were screwed when flying small T1 ships that had a sensor strength lower than the falcons jam. otherwise he was at most a minor disruption.

how do you have a lack of interactions? falcons jammed you? ping out and back now he’s on cooldown and your free to relock. he’s jamming one of your fleet mates? ask why they didn’t do the same and shoot the falcon.

again this already exists.

the fight started before the kiter caught you. hell most 1v1 fights when one is a brawler and one is a kiter are decided entirely by the pilots skill level and are weighed in favor of the brawl pilot.

For the brawl pilot to win he simple needs to catch the kite at any point. or break point.

for the kite to win he needs to stay out of range until the brawl pilot is dead.

the brawler is the active pilot in these fights and the kite is reactive. the brawler will swap between trying to burn out of point range or back into scram range. If he burns out of point range he wins and gets away. if he gets scram and web on the kite he wins.

AB solid boost at the expense of some agi but can’t be externally shut off and has pretty good heat endurance

MWD significant boost with significant agi penalty, can be directly countered and is limited in its abilities to over heat.

how exactly does your idea fill a gap between these two?

what part makes them a liar?