Burst jamming Cancer

Can this silliness just straight up be removed?

It’s a stupid module that has no real counterplay. Added to the fact that you can fit it on an instawarping interceptor which is bubble immune…

Any of the following solutions would work:

  • increases align time by 5 seconds if you fit this
  • double the PG requirements on the module
  • remove the module
  • rework the module
  • entosis no longer requires a lock, you only stop toasting when you die

(and this is not mentioning the players who are input broadcasting and breaking EULA, but since they’re paying it’s all fine. 1 person controlling 10 interceptors, managing to fleet warp them all and activate 10 burst jammers at the exact same server tick, this person is the greatest gamer in the world, or he’s input broadcasting…)

If you want us to fight, make it so that if you want to stop the toasting, you need to commit something, not send a squad of burst jamming interceptors vs 5 hac fleets, and successfully stop the spool on all toasting ships…

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No counterplay you say?

What about those sensor boost thingies with eccm scripts? And those four racial skills you can train for more power against ECM? Remote sensor boosts? Or what if you put multiple toasting ships on the job, far away from eachother so the limited range of the ECM burst only hits one at a time?



Dear CCP please nerf ecm bursts because my HAC Blob got rekt by a bunch of Interceptors as I only know how to Anchor F1




Dear CCP, Please return ECM to it’s old ways, I want more of this type of thing.


Ah yes, let’s set up multiple ships to counter a single module, which has 0 real counterplay, 0 commitment.

Maybe think for half a second before spewing your garbage

As this single module with ‘0 counterplay’ is one of the biggest counters against entosis, it may be wise to fit sensor boosters against them, like it would be wise to fit shield modules as a counter against guns.

The game has given you counterplay options, now start using them.

Or keep complaining about how you are unable to use the tools given to you, that’s also an option.


So you’ve chosen to continue complaining rather than using the tools you have available.

Have you considered using sensor boosts to reduce chance of getting entosis broken?

Have you considered using multiple entosis ships to reduce the chance of getting them all broken?

Have you considered using remote sensor boosted tackle ships to catch the ECM burst interceptors?

Have you considered using capital ships that, correct me if I’m wrong, are pretty much invulnerable to ECM bursts while they have their triage/siege module running?

All those different tools at your disposal, but you dismiss them. Why?


If you think they’re actually input broadcasting, report them to CCP.

Otherwise, just use smartbombs. If you’re complaining about interceptors, they’re frigates with less than 6k ehp and will pop to smartbombs so easily.

This is extra levels of dumb.

Edit: nvm, read the rest of your comments, wow you need some help.


A single Rsebo with ECCM script targetted on each HAC would reduce the jamming chance to about 16%.
This could cover 5 ships with an ECCM:

[Blackbird, Blackbird Rsebo]

Capacitor Power Relay II
Capacitor Power Relay II
Damage Control II

Remote Sensor Booster II, ECCM Script
Remote Sensor Booster II, ECCM Script
Remote Sensor Booster II, ECCM Script
Remote Sensor Booster II, ECCM Script
Remote Sensor Booster II, ECCM Script
50MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive

Rapid Light Missile Launcher II, Caldari Navy Inferno Light Missile
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II, Caldari Navy Inferno Light Missile
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II, Caldari Navy Inferno Light Missile
[Empty High slot]

Medium EM Shield Reinforcer I
Medium EM Shield Reinforcer I
Medium Thermal Shield Reinforcer I

Warrior II x2


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Unfortunately CCP has shown that if you complain long and loud enough they will change things which have perfectly reasonable counterplay options, even if that means a number of previously useful ships become useless during the process.

So while I agree with your comment, I fear the OPs complaining will eventually get results, because :CCP: :expressionless:



To be honest, I do think that CCP’s change of ECM modules was not a bad one. These modules are still incredibly effective in certain scenarios, just not oppressive anymore in 1v1 scenarios.

I do agree that CCP should do a balance pass on the ships that were heavily hit by this change though. It’s a shame some ships were rendered useless by this change. Maybe some of these ships could get the old ECM functionality back as a ship bonus, where the enemy ship loses all targets instead of keeping the source of ECM. Or something else that makes those ships useful again.

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burst jammer and ecm drones (not all ships have a drone bay) are the only ecm options left if you are solo

<2s align ceptors with burst jammer are a problem. And ceptors still can be used as dps. No matter how tiny their alpha strike is, if you get a critical number you can blap something and warp.

There are solutions, but they are about as cancerous (and (way more expensive) as those ceptor fleets themselves… surround the spinner with lots of smartbombing bs, use titi mechanics and a capital…
eccm+ remote eccm on a bs could work, but with 20+ burst jammers, even if chance to jam is <1% eventually after a couple of warps they will get a jam…

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Corax or rlml caracal with FOF missiles. Sorted. ./ thread and make sure to credit me for your future successes

Boo hoo someone countered you kite sniper blob fleet. If they are burst jamming you then their locks are broken as well. They won’t be using bursts if you were in a brawl with them at close quarters. Maybe get out of the pansy snipers and get up close with them (do as you say yourself - “commit something”) and actually fight.

You whine about having to have ships or modules to counter them yet those ceptors don’t do any damage. So in effect the other side is using extra ships to do something beneficial to them but you want to be lazy and cry instead of bringing something as well.

Burst jammers aren’t the same as the old single target versions either. They have a real long cycle time and you can relock immediately after being hit by one.

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Please bring this lovely ship into a fleet fight and then try to SRP it :::::

First person to actually understand the problem.

The module in itself is not that much of a problem although if you ask any game dev if a mechanic like this can be considered fun and you’ll be laughed out of the room.

The problem is that this module fits on an sub 2-seconds aligning interceptor, and can be tossed around for 30 mil / a pop (ship + modules) by multiboxers wtihout pretty much any risk.

not in game as FOF. They were changed to Auto-Targeting, which from what I believe, do not work the same way as before.

It’s a tech 1 cruiser.

Is your argument against an example remote sensor boost fit, a complaint that you do not get SRP for a T1 cruiser?

Well not surprising, considering the rest of this thread.

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I think you need to choose though. Either you fit for ECM burst, or you fit those interceptors to blap something (although other ships like a destroyer fleet would probaby do a better job at that).

If you fit your ECM burst interceptors for shooting, you’re not equipping the warp core stabs and are missing a valuable mid slot for defence. ECM burst as defence or offence is not really an option as you may have trouble locking and shooting a target while your fleet is ECM bursting.

And why is this an issue?

Unlike regular ECM there is no targeting delay after losing lock, so if you bring a single instalock tackle in your fleet they will be losing an interceptor every time they try. And if that isn’t stopping them yet, try bringing multiple tacklers.