Let's entertain this idea with the ECM burst

Any ideas to make it possible to be used everywhere in the game .
I was thinking what about if it was only affecting your own vessel for example when it was admitting a burst what it actually was doing was two burst a field of energy on the vessels structure scrabbling any Target locks by overwhelming the opposing sensors signature on the vessel and losing lock of Target, this idea is like keeping the interference to yourself not interfering with others ,
Please anybody any ideas :grin::bulb:

  1. why?

  2. you’re describing the target spectrum breaker. Something that was removed and replaced do to it rarely ever being used. (Signal radius suppressor was the replacement)

  3. You are making it essentially useless on the two ships built around the burst jammer.

Yes the spectrum breaker was replaced exactly for the purpose I’m talking about , so instead they built something that works with the signature radius since they don’t have anything working around that besides the implants , Also remember the sig suppressor works only on battleships ,
Going back on ECM burst mainly I want to find a way for it to apply in all situations without interference players that they don’t Target you so it can be used everywhere.

Wanting to be able to use the ecm burst in hs is not a reason to nerf the module into near uselessness.

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