ECM burst in highsec

Can we get some tweaks to this module so its a viable option to use in highsec. Ganking maybe good for the economy. But getting ganked because all you can do is cycle rep and resist mods is lame. A ecm burst should not effect everyone in range, rather only those that aggress you.


AoE broadcast is AoE, it doesn’t discriminate. Like smartbombs.

ECM burst wouldn’t save you anyways, 9 times out of 10. Ganking is pretty lame, yes, but it’s part of the game and should stay that way. There are plenty of ways to avoid getting ganked, players just need to learn to use them and accept the occasional unavoidable loss as the cost of doing business.

It’s why you’re immortal.


I like it and think it’s a really great idea.

We might need to balance the additional functionality a little bit, however. Maybe the modules should only allowed to be used by players who are in corporations that own a structure in high-sec, for example.

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Same could be said for a MJD. But its a tool, and more tools are better. Ive been ganked on auto before. But Im talked about being ganked even though your actively playing. Ecm burst a niche module. Its cap heavy and hits only once with no guarantee. But it does need to have the aggro removed.

And honestly why would it jam people who haven’t even targeted you. Makes no sense. Its only good in lowsec, and theres not 30 catalysts targeting you anywhere in lowsec.

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Not when it’s a tool that even after assuming that the target ships use an ECCM script, could still disrupt between 60-70% of a group of destroyers with a single button press. You’re essentially asking to be able to increase the ship requirements needed for a gank by 200% for every ECCM burster on the field.

It’s already imbalanced if used properly, even when you lose the ship to CONCORD in the process.


It doesn’t jam it breaks their lock. They can immediately lock again. If successful It breaks their lock even if they are targeting something else.

If someone is jammed they are prevented from locking targets other than what jammed them for a certain time. Huge difference in functionality.

Part of the usefulness of ECM burst is that a lot of people don’t expect it and don’t realize their lock is broken right away when it happens. However if fast tackle realizes that their lock was broken then they can lock you again before you can get away. So it’s good to be fully aligned prior to bursting so you can immediately attempt to warp. Another issue is that long points can have longer range than the ECM burst range. This means that it might not save you anyway.


If it would only break locks (not jam, like Algathas already explained) of ships that have targeted you, people won’t be able to use this module anymore to save others, for example as anti-gank tool.

You’re all, again, feeding a troll. A simple “no, don’t be dumb” suffices.

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Why not just add a button you can push and you teleport your entire Highsec mining belt into a SAFE space on a separate server where NOBODY can interfere with your mining operations, and all gankers are permanently banned?

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That shouldn’t be a button, it should be automatic.

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ECM RIPPLE JAMBOT - Range: 120 AU, each server tic the jambot sends a wave of ECM waves rippling through spacetime, automatically detecting and eliminating all gankoid vessels and players, deleting their isk, assets, skillpoints, and gunker ships. Operates automatically and five free jambots are given FREE to each new player account.

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Not enough…

Can it also beat up and/or send the gankers to jail IRL? That’s what sociopath psychopaths like that deserve.

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Yes let’s change the entire balance of a module from niche to op just because you can’t think of any other ways not to be ganked

Btw did Safety or Norvus even enter the alliance tournament? I mean you guys are elite pvpers right?

The real alliance tournament is called EVE Online.

Only carebears want arena duels.


Abyssal Cruiser Filaments?

Rght, but for miners, so like ‘Abyssal Mining Filaments’.

They teleport you to the magical Trig mining void, where helpful Trig autobots automatically mine for you, and no gunker greefers can interfere.

not gonna happen.

Bro you don’t even play.

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We kinda already had that in the Target Spectrum Breaker, just only for battleships. I wouldn’t mind restoring that functionality somewhere, but not on the existing burst jammer.