Burst ECM Frigs To Prevent Ganks?

Today a friend of mine @Archer_en_Tilavine came up with the idea of using cheapfit throwaway frigates with burst jammers and targeted ECM to ■■■■ up Catalysts trying to gank freighters or stuff. I was wondering if this idea would actually work. Heres an example fit

[Griffin, Catalysts Suck]

Hypnos Compact Signal Distortion Amplifier I
Hypnos Compact Signal Distortion Amplifier I

Burst Jammer II
Morpheus Enduring Magnetometric ECM
Morpheus Enduring Magnetometric ECM
Morpheus Enduring Magnetometric ECM
Small Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery

[Empty High slot]
[Empty High slot]

[Empty Rig slot]
[Empty Rig slot]
[Empty Rig slot]

Yes, it could work. It would be extremely boring gameplay though. The gankers will just gank you if you cause them too many problems.

The idea is you use them if ur already getting ganked. Plus, how do they gank successfully if theyre all jammed lol


How will you get to the gank faster than Concord?

By escorting the freighter youre trying to protect, duh. Many freighter pilots have web alts this is the exact same thing except if CODE shows up you jam them once they start shooting

scratches head

I thought ecm got borked? Is it powerful enough to work?

The burst jammer would get you criminal flagged, too.


It no longer prevents you from locking anything at all, you can still lock whoevers jamming you. But since that someone isnt the freighter theyre trying to gank, its fine

That was my next question.

Hence the fit being throwaway. Cheap enough that u dont care, and ofc use alts where u dont care about sec status

@Aiko_Danuja could this be the end of CODE.?

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@Gaming513_Tyler you teased me about it, and I repeatedly asked you very kindly not to post my idea on the forums even if you gave me credit. I told you I would post my own idea on my own thread and lead the discussion on my own terms. That’s not even my fit you posted, what the hell even is that and why did you (loosely) associate my name with it? You have lost a considerable amount of respect from me.


Bah, you can just warp some smartbombing cruisers on top of them.

Don’t feel bad, the idea is not new, just the application.

Archer, how many of your alts do you assign to the burst jamming wing when you move your freighter through highsec?

I joked that I was gonna post it as my own idea, you told me not to, so I improved on the idea and gave you credit for the idea. I’m sorry that you’re upset but what do you suggest I do now then? I really wanted to see what other people would think of this idea and if there’s some major flaw that I don’t see

1 should do it?

Wouldn’t the catalysts just attack in waves then? The burst jammer only works once.

But the fit has 3. Much better chance if you stagger them.