ECM burst in highsec

The issue isn’t the module but where you use it and in line of that; why.

Get lost.

I didn’t receive my ECM RiPPLE JAMBOT - Range: 120 AU, where should I look into?

Can you not use ECM burst in HS and face the consequences of a good concording?

If so, then what’s stopping you using it now?

If not, then, sure allow ECM burst in HS, but face concord’s wrath, or, player crime and punishment flagging. Just as with any AoE and non-consentual aggression.

Making highsec non-consensual pvp a bit more engaging and involved would be great, but the ECM burst isn’t the module to do that with.

You’d either break the core functionality outside of highsec by changing the module or introduce so many avenues for abuse if it no longer triggered concord - neutral scorpion alts would ruin everything.

Why? You don’t play. You certainly shouldn’t get an opinion on what should be changed in game.

The thing is, it is already. Just most people won’t work together with others in order to protect themselves.

Why do that when you can post on the forums and demand for CCP to make it so that you don’t have to?

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True that. I fly solo and I accept the risk it comes with. It also comes with more freedom.

Its a good trade off.

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We use ECM burst in high sec very well and if we get isk for saving a ship we buy clone tags to fix security status .

It’s a bit hit and miss relying on many factors to make it work , some ganker groups started taking out any of our ships racing towards there blob at high speed , if they assign a group of their gankers to watch for our Ew burst ships it shows it effects them.

Used to many times and they up their eccm but that takes away other factors from there setups.

We tested it out on mining protection and it worked well stopping the gank and saving our mining ships (our mining ship were setup with a tank ) unfortunately the burst hit an NPC miner and their own protection fleet turned up much later and killed our burst ship, I had time to warp off but never as I was enjoying watching the failed gank .

So I’d say they work ok I even stopped a large gank and only got a -0.5 ss hit but sometimes you do drop a lot .

You need to get timing right , to soon and they lock again , to often and they counter you.

One last thing, it’s great fun I would definitely recommend it


I’d say it worked very well then :slight_smile:

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We are finding many simple low skill required activity we can try and be effective against high skilled opponents.

Along the same lines as gankers using cheap cats to take out bling mission runners. :hugs:

If you’re gonna use the burst you gotta pair it with damps to make them lock longer.

It runs the clock on CONCORD and increases chance of gank failure.


Not sure damps work on a ball of gankers , burst work best on large gank fleets with multi boxers , taking out a %
Of the fleet ,hope they can’t established enough locks in time and regain their DPS in time .

Saying that any support after a burst will help , damps to stop them locking in time , reps to repair their target ship and DPS to take them out as they flounder from our disruption.

I once stopped a Talos gank , the gank fleet was 3 ships sitting at a gate waiting for fat haulers , this guy attacked one at a time adding the next ship if needed. The first ship attacked , I moved in to set of burst and broke 2 of the Talos locks , the 3rd he never use , he got a kill right on me with his 3rd pilot and I got a wacking ss hit .

Luckily for me my save worked out what had happened and contacted me to thank me and sent me isk to buy clone tags.

Sorry I digressed there with a burst story but your right and any planned resistance is better than working alone .

If pilots are doing ag on your own and want to work with us please contact me , we are so much stronger together.


If you even damp a few of them to where they can’t apply damage till the next server tick it’s an advantage.

If anything it’ll mess up the ganker’s calculations to a point where it adds so many variables they need to use more gankers just to be sure or they might not even bother and instead go for an easier target.

Risk management isn’t a binary thing, it’s incremental to a point where your risk lowers, their risk goes up and you stop being an easy/obvious target.

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Preach. Its what these AGers don’t tend to understand. Again, I’ve found most AGers are not understanding the specialized PvP that is HS ganking/AGing.

Honestly a cheap frig fleet would mess up most ganker’s day and is cheap as hell.

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It’s what we often do

So what you’re saying is that you use small, cheap ships to kill larger and more expensive ones in complete safety while being fully protected by CONCORD?

This sounds like a very big game imbalance that’s allowing you to grief players unfairly, and I will be posting a lot of threads to voice my dissatisfaction about this, and to present ideas for how EVE could be improved by fixing this grief-friendly loophole.


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Can you add a fitting pic to your displeasure … please!!

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