ECM burst in highsec





This is a No Weeb zone! Weebs and furries please stick to the fiction portal, with the rest of the degenerates.

You are right let’s keep that stuff away and also get back on topic. How about we discuss how ECM bursts in hi-sec affect strategic cruisers and related gameplay and balance.

This handy graphic about T3C can serve as a reference for the discussion.



Gallente is best as always! :heart_eyes:

That’s an impossible ask, unless Eve starts using magic.

The Bastion Module should not cause an aggression timer, as it is ONLY for defense, but such is our lot in life.

ECM is turn based. It won’t change.

On the subject of Em burst , we set off a burst in Uedama on Friday evening which helped save a freighter and our pilot only got a small security status hit , mainly due to the fact that the gankers had been bumping the ship off the gate and the word went out that a burst was incoming.

Great fun and worked just right . Link below to show how well it works


Oh the Angel of Verdun is here in eve .

Yes we do have Lt. Rita Vrataski in our ranks , also known as the full metal ■■■■■ , and what’s funny it’s actually
Emily B who players her, who would think .

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