Plspls CCP - Shunt module

I had an idea for a MWD type module (Shunt) that is a single use long cooldown prop mod that gives you lets say a 500-1000% burst of speed in a couple of seconds, can’t warp immediately after using it though to avoid people abusing it for insta warps, something for combat use?

The Shunt module.


Why are you now spamming threads for this stupid thing? Stop. You’re not getting it, move on.

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I actually started 3 threads on separate topics?

Interceptors flying at 20km/s now?

So overheating a MWD isnt a thing?


I’m not talking a long duration module, literally a couple of seconds of rapid boost, it would make for some interesting gameplay mechanics.

It’s not the same concept, overheating a MWD is just simply increasing your speed over the duration of the acceleration, which depending on the ship can be a long time.

I’m talking about a module that shunts your ship forward in a really quick burst, think 2 seconds duration 0 to 2000ms in an armour tanked battleship, it would make for some interesting bumping mechanics and escape mechanics.

Fine, but due to physics it makes your character turn into goo from extreme g force. We have MWD and MJDs in game, use whats availible rather then asking for an easy button.

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Oh dear, you’re one of those.

It’s not asking for an easy button, it’s asking for more ingame mechanics and content :S?

All this would be used for is an “I’m in a slow ass ship and ran into a camp so I want an easy way to burn back to gate” module.


What if it flags you so you can’t jump?

Also, that’s exactly the same thing as using a mwd back to gate in a fast ship, you can still catch people that do that… that’s part of the skill in learning how to gate camp… slow or fast people get caught in camps…

No it’s not. A large ship has inertia and gaining such a speed boost instantly would make them unstoppable even with max webs. All someone would have to do is engage it on the same tick they decloak and then even if they are tackled fast they have so much inertia they glide to the gate anyway.

Yeah, and what happens when they jump to the other side of the gate? xD

What the game needs is not more speed and pansy kite modules. It needs more commitment to fights. Your ideas don’t make anything more interesting.

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You didn’t answer my question, what happens when someone manages to jump through the gate they went through in a gate camp?

Doesn’t matter as the ship shouldn’t have gotten to the gate in the first place as this module shouldn’t be in the game. :wink:

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You still haven’t answered the question…

The reason why you haven’t answered the question and the reason why you’re dodging now is because you’re argument is invalid, and now you have jumped on the “kitey” bandwagon in attempt to undermine my point because you have’t actually got a valid argument against it… just “i dont like it nerr”.

Too many people with no intellectual capacity allowed on the internet these days.

You wouldn’t be able to “kite” using a module that gives you a 2 seconds burst of speed, that’s not what kiting is.

It would offer up interesting bump mechanics and methods of flying your ship.

All you would use this module for is to burn out faster, snipe some noob, then run away while taking about how leet you are in local. You have no point to undermine because all you want is a bunch of modules to make easy mode more easy mode.

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Micro Jump Drive, it’s already in the game.