Mew module ideas

Was thinking of some mods that could be added to the game.

1 – Ancillary Heat Sinks (gyros, Mag stabs BCUs)

Allows the player to load “Charge primer” to increase damage bonus.
Only 1 can be fitted, additional Weapon amps will incur a stacking penalty.
Unloaded will have bonus slightly less than T1. When it is loaded will boost to % above T2.
The module will have a max capacity of the based on the weapon type loaded (if split weapon systems are fitted then it mimics majority of fitted hard points).
When activated the mod will provide an active boost (replaces passive) as long as charges remain. loaded and cycle time will mimic the weapon system used once out of charges will take 60 seconds to reload…

2 – Ancillary AB / MWD

Charge based items, loaded with Fuel/Batteries to give a short boost to max speed out put.
Unloaded will have bonus slightly worse than T1, loaded will boost to % above T2.
Only 1 Ancillary Prop mod can be fitted at any time.
Max capacity of the mod. AB – 6 charges, MWD – 3 Charges (60 sec reload).

3 – Reactive hull Plating

Active hull plating module that works like the reactive armour hardener that will reallocate available hull resistances against incoming damage. (slightly more fitting space required than a passive reinforced bulk head).

no power creep please.

thank you for the response, could you elaborate for me?

balancing would be needed yes. but could any of the modules work in practicality without becoming the next Required med for every fit?

Power creep is when something is just better than another in some conditions.

Ancillary damage mods would be plainly better than T2 for suicide ganking. for a 30s windows the damage you would gain is much higher than with T2.

ancillary propmod is just plainly better than non-ancil in most pvp scenarios. Once you are caught by a scram anyhow your MWD is turned off, so the number of charges is not an issue.

“how so” you may ask ? Well the effect of ancil is the same as overheating the module. Most fights are done with modules overheated, because it really gives an edge.
Basically your proposal is the same as giving a second level of overheating.

ok point taken :slight_smile: did not think about CODE in relation to the ancil - damage amps. could this be addressed to make the mod work?

i felt that the prop mods would allow for situational relevance and emergency relocation

how about the reactive hull plating? would there be room for a mod like this?

I did not specifically think of CODE. either. I was thinking of suicide gankers in general.

I don’t know. How you present it, it can’t.

Already the case with overheating ?

I don’t think this one would have any use, unless you give it interesting stats.

RAH (armor version) is worthy because people use armor rep at the same time, so the RAH has the time to adapt to the DPS.
Hull tanking is definitely not a thing in eve, so the hull version does not have the same niche use. Most of the time you want to save cap for eg a neutra or the web or the point, and the low for a %based increase in ehp.
Unless your module gives MORE than the 25% hp the bulkhead gives, it’s not even worth putting it (25% more ehp is a 20% resist bonus). So depending on the cpu cost, the cap cost, the speed of shifting res, the minimum and maximum of the resistances, this may be or not worth it.

Of course it should cost more CPU than bulkhead to not be used as a free “better bulkhead”.
All in all it depends on the stats.

the adaptive hull plating would not give a bonus to hull hp. it would take and adjust any resistances that the hull and fitted mods had (damage control, innate resistances).

there are plenty of viable hull fits out there. the active hull reppers need looking at anyway (but that is a separate issue)

Then that is completely not possible.
The game works by setting the resonance of a layer. If you have on a layer and type 20% resist by a module, and 50% by another, your resonance becomes 1 * (100-20)/100 * (100-50)/100 = 0.4 which means that incoming damage of eg 10 on that layer and type is multiplied by 0.4 so you take only 4 damage on that layer.
That is : there is not “ship resistance” in the game. The RAH works by having its own module resistance attributes, that are shifted, multiply the ship resonance.

ok so this kind of mechanic could instead be applied to an active damage control variant to allow the reallocation of these %s

Mew module ideas”


Ancil prop mods might help brawlers make a come back.

Definitely not Ancil damage mods though.

I think ancillary prop mods would be cool, but they should operate at 70% normal when un-fueled, and 120% when fueled.
Charges should not replace capacitor needs.

So a Microwarpdrive would give a 350% boost when out of fuel and a 600% boost when fueled.

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