Ancillary Armor Repairer Slot Management

Solo PVP ships sometimes use an active tank instead of a buffer one. I don’t know if this is good or not, but I do see it in practice. I’ve seen officer active tank modules before. These rep more per cycle than the t2 ones, but they are pretty pricey. Ancillary Armor Repairer also capable of out repping the t2 armor repairer and it is cheaper than the officer variations. Unlike the enduring, t2, and officer variants, this does require ammo in the form of nanite paste, but I’m pretty sure you still come out ahead of the t2 version even after factoring in that you’re not repairing during the reload sequences. And honestly you have a bit of a problem if your prey can survive long enough. I think a BC might take awhile to kill a DST, but those don’t shoot back so even if you stupidly turned on your rep, it doesn’t matter than the prey is still alive when you wasted your charges.

You can reduce the duration and increase the repair by overloading the module. If this is the only active module, it should be in slot 1. If you have both an explosive and reactive armor hardener too, the right and left most slots should be occupied by active modules. And if you have at least 6 lows, if you have a damage control, you don’t want to place it next to the module you plan to use the most if you are doing to overload. This all makes sense.

But what if the fitting of the Ancillary Armor Repairer is very tight and you’re just shy of the needed PG so you put in a power diagnostics system and got it to fit? Is it safe to put the PDS next to the AAR? If it gets too much damage, the AAR no longer fits. On the other hand, the AAR should be more likely to damage itself than any adjacent modules right?

I have yet to see an armor based PvP fit that wastes a lowslot for a PDS just to get an AAR fitted. You’d rather use a PG-implant or change the MWD, CapBattery, Neuts to a compact/faction version. Or if anything fails use an Ancillary Current Router Rig to boost your PG and then upgrade all your PG-hungry stuff to to fill it again. Seen in the 1600er Guardians for example that could tank more than a 800er with 2 trimarks.

tldr; your “problem” simply exist only in theory.

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OK, whoever told me the Hurricane can be active armor fit, passive armor fit, passive shield fit, or active shield fit was pulling my leg. You can’t slap the big guns on this thing with an armor fit without PDS or some other PG module/Rg. Going back to shield cane.


Using the biggest possible guns in the weight class isn’t always the best choice. The Hurricane’s big brother the Panther often runs 650’s instead of 800’s to help with fitting a decent tank.

Yep! A cool billion for the cheap ones (but those are only in large sizes).

Only in cap use. The T2 has better sustain than the AAR when run on auto-reload off after 16 or so cycles.


Wrong. Get good fitting skills then you can pretend to know what you’re talking about.
I use AB MJD cap booster scram in the mids, dual rep in the lows (MAAR + MAR) with a DCU and the Multispec Energized. You should have more than enough room left over for Gyrostabs and 220 Vulcans.

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Oh, that’s not what I was talking about. I meant the 720 Guns

If you want a kitey arty thing, do Shield, or do the HFI, still shield.

Arty are PG heavy fits, and as such you don’t usually mix them with also-PG-heavy armor fits. You pair them with CPU-heavy Shield tanks.

There’s other reasons as well which were already mentioned (speed).

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Yeah that’s what I was doing. Someone mentioned the hurricane’s flexibility and I tried to do cram armor tank with the guns and needed power diagnostics systems just to get it to work and even then I don’t think it was a very good fit. Back to shield cane

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