Is this a good fit or a bad fit

Hi, i am a alpha, and wanting to fly my first cruiser, it is located in lowsec rn (a 0.3 system), and i might end up doing some ratting down there before i fly it back to my home base in hisec, i have made a fit and want to know if i should change anything to make it better for ratting

[Moa, 35k EHP]
Reactor Control Unit II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Tracking Enhancer II

Multispectrum Shield Hardener II
Large Shield Extender II
Large Shield Extender II
Warp Scrambler II
10MN Afterburner I

200mm Railgun II
200mm Railgun II
200mm Railgun II
200mm Railgun II
200mm Railgun II

Medium Hybrid Collision Accelerator II
Medium Core Defense Field Extender II
Medium Core Defense Field Extender II

Hobgoblin II x3

Edit: is the tank overkill? It gives a decent buffer, but pretty much zero regen

Your fit needs some help. Also, get some T2 gun skills ASAP, and use some T2 guns. They will help out immensely with a good boost in damage output.

1 - tracking computer is a midslot module, and you have it slotted in the low slot area. please fix that
2 - cap battery is useless, remove it and replace with something useful
3 - many of the more valuable rats that you find outside of escalations into LS will require some form of warp disruption to stop them from warping off.
4 - for pve, damage is better than ROF, use the damage rig.
5 - for pve, use navy ammo. the dread gurista ammo is a lot more expensive compared to the meager improvement it provides. Also, uranium should be your general purpose pve ammo.

K, thank you, i thought that the tracking computer was low slot module, and workbench didn’t correct it, or say anything about it

Just some general advice about LS ratting, personally I’ve found it much easier to use a short range high dps destroyer for belt ratting. Since you posted a Caldari ship (something I dont fly, but I’ll do my best) I’d suggest a blaster fit cormorant. Use meta 2-3 “named” blasters they’ll most likely be cheaper than a T1 version and put out more damage, and slightly better range, and a mwd to get into range (basically a 500m orbit around anything big) and it won’t be able to track you, frigs and destroyers should pop pretty quick.

I’ve never really had issues with NPC’s leaving the belt super often, it happends, but I wouldn’t say it’s often enough to bother with a scram/disruptor, though of course you can always rat in a PvP ship incase you stumble on someone else ratting.

I second the not bothering with the dread ammo, either navy if you need the extra dps, or not bother and use standard if money is tight since most belt npcs are not very strong especially in a .3

Your biggest concerns in a .3 will be mordu rats, if you find one they will be very strong (especially the battleships). And clone soldiers in a .3 they won’t be super hard, but in a .2 or .1 they can be, and they have great range, and tracking, and will wreck a cruiser pretty quickly. For the clone soldiers I’d recommend the destroyer, and if you get into wanting to farm the .2 or .1 kind later skilling into a battlecruiser makes short work of them and has the tank to survive thier dps.

Edit: also regarding the shield hardener I’d pick a specific one for the rats you’re fighting, the gain in resistance will be greater, and since they always shoot specific damage types, the other resists are “wasted”. Now for PvP that’s another matter, since you don’t always know what type someone is shooting, but if you’re in a ratting fit dessie, usually your best option against another player would be to just leave before they show up.

i almost never use T2 rigs unless there’s some reason i I have to, like marginal cap stability on a PVE boat or a fleet doctrine. they add a huge amount to the fit’s cost

tracking enhancer is a lowslot module that offers slightly smaller tracking+range bonuses than default tracking computer.

I use cap batteries all the time for PVE cap stable fits. They are similar effectiveness to cap rechargers. There are rigs for cap amount and recharge rate too.

For any rats that don’t warp away, a web is better than a scram because it helps you apply damage faster.

T2 guns and drones make a huge difference, especially with long range fits, but you don’t need to wait, you can just choose easier content. Eve uni wiki is where you check if that Serpentis Phi-Outpost is worth warping to.

What rats are local to your region? For PVE I usually fit a tank specific to their damage profile.

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It’s not bad. Moa tends to be Blaster fit rather than Rails, but no reason not to use rails.
I’d drop the T2 rigs back to T1, that’s adding significant cost for what is a pretty marginal benefit. Save the t2 rigs for a pirate cruiser later on.
I’m not sure how much use that scram will be for ratting, that’s more a pvp module. Maybe a tracking computer or a Web?
Good luck, have fun, watch your d-scan.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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I’ve flown a Railgun fitted Moa as a high-sec mission ship. It was a miserable experience: tracking was awful - now I have higher skills, and would fit a webifier and some tracking assistance I might give it another go.
Or change the railguns for lower calibre versions with better tracking or move to blasters (but I like range as s damage control method).

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