Fits for alpha PVE (Gnosis or Stabber)

Hi all.
I’m quite new to eve and wanting to get into some pve to fund my pvp.

I’ve gotten access to lvl 3 Fw missions and also want to try belt ratting (I heard it makes money).

Does anyone have some fits for the stabber or gnosis that can get around the universe quickly and can belt rat in null sec/run lvl 3 fw missions without too much trouble? My plan is to actively rat rather than afk rat.

Thanks :smiley:

Also I heard alphas can’t run lvl 4 missions is that true?

It is true. The restriction was introduced not long ago.

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Stabber is an oversized frigate, tight on fittings but speed tanks with shield, autocannons and a propulsion mod of your choice unless PVP you are better off with MWD and pulsing it. Rupture is easier for PVE, more fitting options and can use artillery.

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have u got a rupture fit i could try out for pve?

Upgrade as you can afford, this is basic

[Rupture, Rupture Fitting]
Medium Armor Repairer I
Armor Kinetic Hardener I
Armor Thermal Hardener I
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I
Gyrostabilizer I

10MN Afterburner I
Tracking Computer I
Cap Recharger I
Cap Recharger I

650mm Artillery Cannon I
650mm Artillery Cannon I
650mm Artillery Cannon I
650mm Artillery Cannon I
Salvager I

Medium Projectile Burst Aerator I
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I

Hobgoblin I x5

Optimal Range Script x1
Tracking Script x1

Fusion/Phased/EMP Ammo (also change drones, you can also fit 6 total but only use 5) to the NPC rats you are fighting, thermal such as serp or sansha, or angels…its the shortest range and you will be fighting in fall off often; Sabot is your kinetic but its 0 range modifiier (as in no minus or additional, just what ever your skills and modules give you). Hardeners are swapable to the rat you are fighting. This build is cap stable, find what you are comfortable running as 2x cap rig and 2x cap charger are a little over kill except for newbies; can swap one rig for an optimal/tracking/fall off if you want (+damage or reduced cycle time won’t fit) or use a different armor repair / after burner; salvager or tractor beam is optional and will kill the cap but you won’t be running it 24/7. Can use a MWD if you want, but your signature will blow up 5x so you don’t want to leave it on for long and break cap stability.

Range is your defense.

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Hi Thanks for ur fit :smiley:, the fit is only cap stable for me when i am not running the medium armor rep, otherwise yea it is cap stable.

Is the strategy to facetank? or like sit super far away and alpha the enemy down?

thanks again,

Alpha the enemy down, focus on frigates first. Should work pretty well in level 1 and 2, but its been a long time since I did them.

You can run the AB when you need it, then turn it off when you have distance. Also look at using an enduring AB which is reduced cap cost and check the modules for the lowest cap usage, sometimes a small amount change is all you need. Also, you generally only need like 7 minutes at most if you got ok skills, I have a Vargur marauder the game assumes I am running everything with less then 3 but its like 8 with 5 mods turned off (2x tractor beam, salvager, MWD, and thing the fit screen assumes a single use long cool down micro jump is able to be cycled repeated)

The 650s hit hard, but anything that gets to close you will have a harder time to hit; your best tactic is to keep around 25-30 km and create large orbits so the wrecks stay in a tight area if you want to loot it otherwise it will be a large line or clumps spaced out everywhere.

The thing about projectile weapons, you don’t need to hit in optimal. Optimal is where your alpha damage hits the most accurate and hardest towards the end of of the given total. But because of that high damage, your Fusion/Phased/EMP will still hit harder then other weapon classes in fall off up to half…if you have 1500 alpha at 30 km it will hit for 1000-1200 at 45 km if your total fall is 55-60 (where you will probably miss).

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