Rebalancing old PVE missions for Alpha state

I casual hopping from star to star, changing playstyle, adapting to my new Alpha state, just trying to factor in some fun, not too loose on my ship, which I can’t afford to loose, I got some old missions quite challenging as even level 3 security has Faction BS, Daata stuff I don’t even know if as an Aplha I’m am able to get things done before Rats respawn and you are in a bad, bad situation. No Alts obviously to help. That I call cheating by the way.
So stick to the bone. Does other Alpha pilots (Omega, please do not comment here) thinks some missions needs some sort of rebelance for the Alpha new world order?




Crawl back in yo wormhole.

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Can you type a meaningful text? Troll? Foe what? Expressing an idea?

Wait? Are you serious?

Of course I am! I want the game to be not lucrative, but at least not going into negative field effect for my wallet. Missions have been calibrated for a pre Alpha-Omega splitted Eve-verse. And I want to know, if other players feel the same. No shame on you.

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Ah my mistake then…All just wait here then as I am 100% helpful people will be along shortly to help you out.

Let me just get my :chair: some :popcorn: and I’ll be out of your way…GL!

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Down your ego please. It’s not about me.

Level 3 missions are calibrated for T1 battlecruisers with a T2 fit. They are comfortably within the capability of an Alpha clone. Indeed, level 4 missions are comfortably within the capability of an Alpha clone - CCP had to restrict access because bots were running them.

The old missions are 100% predictable. Exactly the same every time and sites like will tell you exactly how to fit your ship and run the site.

Don’t expect CCP to revisit the missions anytime soon - it’s a lot of work for little reward since most mission runners want to farm predictable content and are quite happy with the missions as they are.

More likely we’ll see more new group PVE content as CCP tries to encourage players to fleet up.

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the bots were distribution L4, not security L4. could see like 10 of them in a system, doing L4 distrib night and day with no risk at all.


Level 3 missions are calibrated for a cruiser with a decent tank and enough player skill to manage the aggro of the spawn groups. A battlecruiser with a cheap t1 fit Is overkill. You can run level 4s in a decent battlecruiser.

I wanna see the level 3s with battleships. Those bounties would be better than the one or two battlecruisers you get in real L3s.

Edit: I checked a few missions. The only BS in a level 3 I could find is in the bonus pocket of Extravaganza, which is optional and locked without the right tag.

Don’t fly it if you can’t afford to lose it.

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source ?

L3s are definitely better made with a BC than a cr, and even better with a BS with good projection and speed. “calibrated” implies a specific will of the designer and such a claim needs source to back it up, or is just plain BS.

Where’s your source that it’s calibrated for BCs?

The fact it’s easier is not proof by your standards either.

Where did I claim it’s calibrated for BC ?

Proof of what ?

Not to mention that any changes to missions will be analysed, optimised and gamed by players almost as soon as the changes go live.

Indeed, it used to be quite common to run level 4’s in a battlecruiser; hell I’ve run level 4 angel extravaganza+ the bonus room in a Drake in the past.

Battlecruisers can handle some of the wormhole sites too, at least up to most of the stuff in a C3.

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So you just wanted to argue? K

I’m not delving into a semantic argument. Guy claimed alpha clones couldn’t do level 3s. They can.

You can worry about the specific application of “calibrated” point is you can do these safely in a well fit cruiser with some player skill and knowledge of the mission. Anyone in a BC or battleship should be able to blitz them with no trouble. There’s no expensive fit requirement or unachievable skill training barrier.

As an alpha clone you do probably need to balance your training specifically to run missions though.


Ignore her, Anderson will argue black is white if she thinks it’ll make her look clever.


Tripple-Rep-Myrmidon reporting for duty! You can run level 3’s in destroyers if you have the willingness to both figure them out and warp out occasionally!


You want more, pay your sub - simples !


Who claimed that ? I know for sure alphas can do L3s.

Your claim that

This is what is wrong, especially in the context of an alpha.
Some missions can be very hard or very long to do even with a BC.

also :

also : part 2

I blitzed several L3 missions on several agents and driving a wedge is the only one IIRC that requires you to kill a BS when blitzing. Still one of the most profitable missions since it drops a 4M tag IIRC and takes 3 min including talking to your agent. Excluding the loot it’s already a 100M/h mission (assuming 40s to talk to your agent, get next mission and change the ship, 0.8 system and 2k isk/lp ) . Even if the tag is average 2M(to direct orders and after removing of tax) it’s still 140 M/h value of the mission.

I tested L3 missions with a cruiser(cynabal, gila) and different BC/BS and BS is by far the most valuable (because projection and high DPS)

I should do them again and write the loot when but then I have a little issue of complexifying my data a lot and anyhow I have much more interesting activities.