Starting out doing missions, help please!

Hi im new to eve, on an omega account and liking it so far its interesting but very in depth.

I want to run some missions and have about 50mil ISK at the moment. Im galente and have training up to cruiser 1.

Was wondering what is a good ship to smash through lvl 1 and 2 missions?


Pretty much any destroyer can easily do L1 missions. You can do them in frigates, of course, but since destroyers can fit more weapons and have bonuses to range, they’re a good investment. Since you are Gallente, a Catalyst fit with railguns or an Algos with light drones will fit the bill.

For L2 missions, you might consider upgrading to a cruiser. Thorax if you want to use turrets, Vexor if you want to use drones. You will want to train light drones at the very least to deal with missions that have a lot of smaller ships, since larger guns sometime have a harder time applying damage to small, fast targets.


Like Quelza said, Vexor is my go to ship for Level 2s.

The problem im having at the moment is that my turrets cant turn fast enough for the small targets in the thorax, so take some drones as well ey?


There are a few things you can do. Essentially you want to minimize transversal by manually piloting your ship along a path as parallel to your target’s path as you can manage. Maintaining range helps to do this, but what this means is that your turrets don’t have to rotate all that much to track the target. If you’re just using the Orbit command in the middle of a swarm of frigates you might have problems. Since NPC AI is mostly stupid, you can often just choose to “Keep At Range”, or otherwise pilot your ship away from the bulk of the enemy, and your targets will just follow you in a line. Stasis webifiers help to slow down ships that get too close.

For most ships cruiser size and up (excluding the Amarr and Gallente ships designed to use drones as their primary weapon system), drones are useful as a sort of point defense weapon against small targets that get “under your guns”. The Thorax has a decent drone bay that can fit one flight of medium drones or two flights of light drones.


Hello,train for drones,fly droneships-that’s ships with bonuses to drone damage like algos,vexor,myrmidon,vexor navy issue,dominix etc list is quite decently long if we add t2 ships.
Gallente as a race have the most drone focused ships so you chose well,now why go drones and not turrets?Well for starters drone ships can reach enemies quite far with maximum avionics skills that’s 60km most small and medium turrets can’t,secondly if you manage your drones and they don’t die you save up costs on ammo,thirdly if you ever decide to move to nullsec you can do anomalies mostly afk orbiting some rock or container while the drones kill stuff


To add one thing to this excellent point - when I warp in for a mission I usually target the smallest ships first and blow them away with my first volleys. They’re the fastest anyway so no reason to give them time to close. Ofc I happen to use long-range guns, boring but safe, and drones to handle any small fry that starts buzzing around me.


more precisely, the AI is set to approach you at given range, THEN orbit you, which mean if they are farther than given range they will try to minimize their angular. (considering you are only moving toward or away from them)
On the opposite, when you set your ship to orbit something, it will try (with very little success) to find the trajectory that makes you orbit the faster. Since it does not consider your actual speed, it will choose a random vector of approach.

So, both your ship AI and rats ship AI are bugged, hence why manual piloting is better.


To finish mission quicker you need to fire the correct damage type. Drones allow you to adjust damage type to rats weak spot. Check eve-survival web site to get info what to shot and what to tank in what particular mission. So - vexor is your friend for level 2 missions. Unless you get a Gnosis. Learn some social skills to jump over level one missions.

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This 100%, always gather mission intel first with Eve Survival Mission Reports. The ‘Comments’ section at the bottom of the Mission Report page usually has some good tips as well.

Definitely train up the Social Skills asap to increase amount of standing and ISK gained for completing missions.

One thing to remember is when you accept and complete Anti-Empire encounter missions, you’ll develop negative standings towards that Faction and it’s allies. Basically it’s a good idea to decline those mission offers and just accept the Anti-Pirate encounter missions.

Also don’t be in a rush to jump up to higher level missions. Make sure your ship and combat skills are trained up before moving to higher level mission. Here’s a basic rule guide for ship hull class per mission level:

Level 1 = Frigate or Destroyer
Level 2 = Cruiser
Level 3 = Battlecruiser
Level 4 = Battleship
Level 5 = Carrier or small fleet with Remote Repair Logistics ships.

Good luck and may you have much success.


@Nutrino_Saissore the algos is great for level I and II’s whilst you are lower skilled. I’d suggest training towards a gila for after that as it’s a murder machine.

My tip would also be to learn to scan and hunt down DED sites whilst travelling, this adds fun and sometimes good rewards.

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You could also fit a webber or two help slow the frigates down so that you are able to track them with your turrets and allow your drones to chew them up.

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Fly “away” from the NPCs or in other word, the opposite direction of the NPCs, so you face “away” from them.
This forces them to follow you and you will have an easy time hitting them.

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I’m a Caldari Alpha Clone, doing L4 missions: the only ships I’ve ever used are a Kestrel and a Caracal. So, if you want to do mission for a profit, use the big ship in the above list, otherwise, if you want to do them for the taste to go ‘the cheap and smart\adventurous way’, use a frigate for L1 and L2 and add a cruiser for L3 and L4.

Anomic Jaguar Team L4:
you need a 4.6Mils Kestrel + Caldari ammo.

How can we make it a more hostile environment for you?

/sarc… kinda…

I do not recommend doing those missions as an alpha. Do missions like The Damsel in Distress or Pirate Invasion.
If the name contains an “anomic” just click “decline” or it will get expensive very quickly.

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Well, that all sounds very nice and definitely gratz to you, but I think you’ve mistaken me for somebody else.

now that Alphas can use t2 small/medium weapons and prate ships most of the anomic missions are doable. Need to pay attention to the mission I suggest checking some guides and youtube vids first. I haven’t done a good job testing it but I did try a few missions on sisi, most of my setups did work although that was with max alpha skills. As alpha cap skills are pretty bad cap injected setups probably work better.

The anomic teams are probably the easiest to get into as you can use kiting tactics along with some ECM to jam the logi off This allows for some pretty low DPS setups that otherwise wouldn’t be very useful. Also great place to bring a friend, one dedicated ECM ship and one DPS should crush these missions.


Yes, I was answering the nutrino’s question

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I’ve already done the ‘team jaguar’ very easily with a <5 mils Kestrel with T1 weapons (only 2x T2 Ballistic C. S.) and 2.5M SP.

Sure enough, one must know what he is doing.