Ship for running L2 security mission

I am Amarr, want to try L2 security missions. do I need to run it in a cruiser or is a frigate fine? plz give me fit thanks.

Destroyers are optimal - get a coercer if you want lasers. Fill the turret hardpoints with the best turrets you can afford/have skills for/can fit. Then add a prop module (afterburner or microwarpdrive). Then fit a tracking computer in your mid slot, maybe. Fit tank in your low slots. If you have extra room, add some damage modules.

If you prefer drones, get a dragoon. Add some drone range extenders in the low slots. Add a sensor booster in the mid slot to extend your targeting range. Add some sort of a weapon in a high slot to draw drone aggro. Add drone damage amplifiers in the high slots.

A lot of the answer to this depends on your skills, and ability to fly. I know. I know. Nobody likes hearing that. My main is a 170 million skill point pilot though, and yes, I can fly Lvl 2 security missions in a frigate. It’s not the easiest thing to do though, as you have to watch your tank, your range, speed, your surroundings (don’t get hung up on a structure or obstacle or you’re likely popped), etc. In short, it’s a challenge to do many in a frigate. A destroyer is definitely a better class of ship to run Lvl 2’s with, as mentioned by Xeux. Cruisers are kind of overkill for most of them.

ok I get it, but what is the the tactics to use though? range control? like stay outside of the enemy’s optimal/falloff range?

if I got a cruiser to run the missions, will it have tracking issues for small ships? what enemies will I be seeing on L2 missions? frigates, destroyers or cruisers?

You see mostly frigates in level 2, with some destroyers thrown in. There are some cruisers, too, but they aren’t a big deal.

Hard-core mission runners do some weird stuff, in order to clear the missions faster. If you just want to survive them and beat them, then keep range and snipe away the fastest ships as they approach you. If you are unable to destroy them fast enough and they start to get close to you, then point your ship away and turn your propulsion module on.


Cruisers will still hit rat frigates just fine. You lose some damage, but it’s not like a battleship trying to shoot rats that are up on them. That’s why destroyers are optimal, though: they can hit and apply damage just fine to frigate or cruiser.

Xeux also gives more good advice. If you do decide to go with a cruiser for doing Lvl 2’s, make sure to put a prop mod of some sort on there. If you find you -do- have trouble hitting the frigates, turn it on, pull some distance, and then blat them. I’m also assuming you’re looking at flying a turret bearing ship. If you go missiles or drones, then application of damage to frigates is not an issue at all.


Here is a list of Level 2 missions with walk-throughs and advice. If you are in Amarr space you’ll mostly see Sansha, Blood Raiders or Minmatar opponents.

Your choice of ship will depend on your preferred style - kiting, brawling or drones; your budget - pirate and assault frigates can coast through L2 missions; your skills - they’re a lot easier with a T2 fit. If you’re thinking about training medium hulls and weapons, I’d recommend investing the SP in the Confessor instead. It’s a lot of fun to fly.

Edit: Oops - forgot the link!


ahh okay thanks. I have this coercer Terak Romaller gave me, I didn’t know what do to with it after I finished the SOE arc, so I docked it in Arnon, where I started and finished the arc. guess now its time to put it to good use again. :wink:


Definitely give it a go.

If you go down the cruiser path, then a pulse laser Maller is a reasonable option. Pulse lasers have reasonably good tracking and the Maller, with a bonus to resistances works well with a repairer.

The Omen is a faster more agile ship if you prefer boxing to brawling.

In the occasions I run Level 2 missions I’ll often use a destroyer or assault frigate - but that’s a skill level and experience thing. You can run them in T1 frigates, but that is slower and needs a bit of care.

Good luck and happy hunting.


Yeah, I remember being able to run them in an algos (destroyer), and my fit and skills at the time probably left something to be desired. It’s been forever, but I reckon that a kiting coercer would work well.

Here’s a coercer fit. Downgrade T2 to meta modules if you lack the skills to use them. I put a cap and CPU rig on there in case you needed them. If not, consider a hyperspatial velocity optimizer in order to increase warp speed (and isk efficiency) and/or a poly crap on (which can reduce your align time and increase your velocity). The only tank on the fit is a damage control, but your goal is stay outside of enemy damage range most of the time. Set your default keep at range to something slighty less than your optimal (if you do get outside your optimal, your DPS will begin to diminish rapidly). Then use the keep at range command on frigs and dessies. You’ll stay out of their range, and they’ll fly straight towards you, which will decrease their transversal and make them really easy to hit. You can use keep at range on crusiers, or you can spiral into a tight orbit (like 5k) and then switch to a higher damage ammo (i.e. gleam or multifrequency). Finally, there are no scramming rats in level 2 missions. So, if things do start to go south, the DC should buy you enough time to warp out. Oh, and there are a bunch of cheap implants that could prove useful (such as the 1% surgical strike implant, or one of the cap increasing implants), but I only included the 3% Small Energy Turret implant because at 1.7mil, it gives you a really good bang for you buck.


[Coercer, PvE /Kiter]

Damage Control II
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II

1MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Tracking Computer II

Dual Light Beam Laser II, Gleam S
Dual Light Beam Laser II, Gleam S
Dual Light Beam Laser II, Gleam S
Dual Light Beam Laser II, Gleam S
Dual Light Beam Laser II, Gleam S
Dual Light Beam Laser II, Gleam S
Dual Light Beam Laser II, Gleam S
Dual Light Beam Laser II, Gleam S

Small Ionic Field Projector I
Small Capacitor Control Circuit I
Small Processor Overclocking Unit I

Inherent Implants ‘Lancer’ Small Energy Turret SE-603

Optimal Range Script x1
Tracking Speed Script x1
Small Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I x1
Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I x1


I’ve always used cruisers for lv2s, Either the omen or arbitrator do them very well. Omen can just kite at range and blap everything, and you have drones if anything gets too close. Then the arbitrator has a nice drone bay and does very well with it.

if you have good skills you can probably do them in a frigate, but at that point it’s probably worthwhile jumping into a destroyer for the extra fire power.


okay guys I decided I will start simple and easy, gonna try L1 missions first. I heard that they are not very hard and roughly at SOE epic arcs level, I will use a punisher and hopefully survive (the fit I used to destroy some Sansha bases).

I expected a 500k-1M ISK profit per hour, which I think is not as good as ratting but quite constant and stable.

anyways I am off to find some agents, do you guys recommend any agents worth doing? (high reward? quickly finish?)

Just be careful when you get to The Blockade.

actually I dont think I can do those missions for now because I have bad standings with all pirate factions. (I killed many angle cartel, blood raiders, Sansha and serpentis rats) :frowning:

okay I finished a couple of my first actual missions. it took about 30 min to finish a single one of them(all I did was fighting angel cartel). just want to know if this is normal, because it’s a bit too time consuming compared to ratting. also the profit is not very great, as when I do ratting each battleship rat kill I get about 0.5-1.5M ISK. will missioning give better rewards when I progress to L2-L3? or will it be time consuming and pays little money?

By the time you get to level 3 missions (you fly a battlecruiser for these) the pay compared to ratting isn’t too bad.

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I consider that you should start L2s w/ a cruiser.
You may later run them on another smaller ship but when you begin, using less than a cruiser is a bad idea - and a bad advice.

Omen should be plenty good. You want projection in PVE.

there’s roughly a 10x payout jump from level to level of missions. so lv1 and 2s pay out very low.

That said if you are taking 30 mins for a level 1 something sounds wrong, probably worth improving your fit, your skills, and reading up on the mission on eve-survival

last time I did level ones I was pretty much killing stuff faster than I could lock it.

oh I can also 1-2 shot kill a enemy but the thing is it takes forever to fly them into my range

That’s why you fit an afterburner or micro-warp drive. Also, if it’s a Coercer you are flying take a set of radio crystals with you. Changing crystals to the best range is a very useful skill to learn - important for Amarrian pilots since there is minimal time cost in flipping crystals for better range/damage.

Don’t wait for them to come to you: go get 'em.