Ancillary AB / MWD

I think that AB and MWD should have an Ancillary module that allows new types of consumable fuels to be added. Much like the Repair Paste is used for reppers, when used with AB and MWD, each would get a bonus of 250 m/s while the fuel was being consumed. Consumable fuels would be manufactured using Planetary Infrastructure. There should also be a toggle button added to an Ancillary repper that allows Nanite Paste to be used or not used while the repper is being used. Such a toggle will allow the player to use the repper while not using repair paste.

The Ancillary AB would allow up to ten consumable fuels to used while the MWD would be able to consume only 5 fuels at a time before having to reload.

Much like ancillary reppers, how will this change to balance not just become the new minimum standard?

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Have to be honest, not a fan of this idea.

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I want to power my Phantasm with CORPSES as fuel… :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

And I should be able to pick up more by impaling them on the skewers of my ship.


Naturally. Reaver…


I think if CCP wanted to do something like this, they should just make it a change to all prop modules to optionally use cap charges instead of burning cap. Swapping them in and out wouldn’t take too long (maybe 5-10 seconds.)

I’m not really sure what I think of this. On one hand the need to decide how many charges to bring with you, and where to prioritize their placement is interesting, but on the other hand, I see it becoming tedious to haul yet more charges around and reduce the cargo hold’s size for pvp kill loot.

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Having to use cap boosters will reduce the cargo volume of a ship and wouldn’t be used very often, unless the amount of boost was 50% greater when using the cap booster instead of running the prop module on all of the time. For example, if a normal prop mod gave a bonus of 200%, then the Ancillary prop mod booster would give 250% with cap booster charges installed. A cap booster prop module would also add 25 units of energy to the capacitor every five seconds and 20 units every 3 seconds when overheated.

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