Fuel Blocks for All Ships

I think its about time that CCP introduce fuel blocks for every ship in the game, which would increase the need for fuel block production orders. A lot of ISK would be made from selling Fuel Blocks for ships, that much is certain.

A Fuel Block for a ship, such as the Enyo, would provide enough fuel for the ship to last one month and would not be affected by MWD and AB use. The Fuel Block for a ship would be much smaller than the usual fuel block and would require a specialized hauler to transport the fuel block due to instabilities in the stasis mechanisms of standard haulers.

Each race would have their own Fuel Block for a ship, NPC’s would drop Fuel Block BPC’s and BPO’s along with their own, Faction Fuel Block. A normal Fuel Block for a ship would give a 5% increase to MWD/AB velocity while a Faction Fuel Block for a ship would boost the AB/MWD by up to 15%, depending on the faction.

Without a Fuel Block for a ship, the ship becomes immobile until refueled.

New rescue and supply run missions could be created or maybe an event.

Player and NPC ships that become immobilized would still be able to be attacked though.

Sweet. Another 15% increase in MWD speed for my Vagabond when I punt AFK Orcas into the next dimension…

They already have fuel, it’s just not something we need to keep track of.

A modern US nuclear sub carries enough fissionable material on board to last its entire 25 year service life without ever needing a refuel. Why would technology have gone backwards to such a degree that we need to refuel our ships like they were cars? That’s like suggesting we arm our D9 Dozers in combat zones. :rofl:


We are gods. Fuel management is for the peons.

Also this idea sounds like pointless drudgery for no real reason.


Thanks for the chuckle, lol.

We’d need dedicated fuel bays on ships (and probably some increases on ships that have those bays). It’s an interesting idea in any event. Can we get faster warp speed with Faction fuel?

Ships already have resource management in the form of capacitor that fuels all modules.

Ships can already bring extra fuel by using capacitor boosters.

Bigger ships also already have an additional fuel system: jump fuel.

There is no gameplay, balance or economic reason to add fuel blocks into that mix for ships.

Fuel blocks are meant for stationary structures and aren’t balanced in size or cost for the use in small vessels.

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Yes, but fuel blocks could be adjusted for ships.

But if fuel blocks are made cheaper and smaller to fit ships, what will fill the current role of fuel blocks for structures?

Also can anyone tell me why fuel blocks for ships are even a good idea?

All I see is a lot of work to make gameplay more tedious without any reason.

I miss the purpose; what kind of gameplay does this suggestion add? And how would the game become more interesting, more balanced or more fun because of it?

Instead I see gameplay become more tedious, more complicated, not more balanced (instead it requires a lot of development work to balance this all) and am completely missing the fun of this suggestion.

This suggestion feels pointless.

Pointlessly complicated and pointless.

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I’m under the impression he meant new types of fuel blocks for ships.

I guess maybe there could be a conversion method to turn existing fuel blocks into “mini” (or whatever) versions for ships.

Agreed. It feels like introducing “survival” gameplay mechanics into the game (similar to having to drink, consume food and sleep to maintain body health in FPS survival games but this case to a non-survival type game) or somewhat similar to encumbrance mechanics to inventory in FPS games that nobody likes (cough Starfield cough) for the sake of it.

I don’t see what this would or supposed to add to the gameplay either. :thinking:

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That’s 99.99995% of all ideas posted to this forum.

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I have seen fuel mechanics in other games, and they were mostly tedious and unfun limitations.


Bastion should probably have a fuel component, like siege. I’d like to see cloaking tied to fuel usage as well (let the salt flow!)

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But the gankers and fuel block hauler interaction would be top content level worthy reasoning to apply in that case.

Why does basic logic escape you, @DrysonBennington?

In 2024 we already have vehicles that never need refueling. This isn’t 40k where technology is intentionally kept stifled, so why go back?

Someone is sitting on a boat load of blocks and can’t push enough profit

Fuel blocks would make operating a ship in the game much more life like. The fuel block simulation is not geared towards the quarter, but the gamer who wants to learn to manage space ops.

If you want your ship to be more ‘life like’ and use fuel, why not use ships that require fuel to move, like capital ships?

On that note instead of space submarines with fluid dynamics in space CCP might also consider replacing how EVE works with newtonian physics (and reworking all the related game mechanics and control schemes in the process). :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes this would improve immersion thus am pretty sure this is a good idea™. :upside_down_face: :smirk: :psyccp:

Again, in 2024 there are nuclear powered submarines and surface vessels that are designed to never need refueled for their entire operational lifetime of 20-25 years. So the current system is already 100% life like.

Why are you finding this difficult to comprehend? You’re making even less sense than usual here.