Distress signals and star fuel

What if EVE Online ships required fuel to travel. What would happen if you ran out before you reached your destination? Perhaps you could send out a distress signal and hope someone will come and give you some fuel. Perhaps you will abandon your ship (Pods should not require fuel, they are essentally the equivalent of “walking” versus “driving” when you have a ship) Perhaps players would abandon their ship and travel to the nearest station to get a shuttle and some fuel and return to their ship, providing someone hasnt beaten him to it and taken it.

I will encourage CCP to look into this area if they havent already.

Ships requring fuel opens up alot of game play. Ie. refineries, fluctuating fuel prices, modules improving/decreasing fuel effeciency, player made fuel stations, additional player interaction from cases where a player runs out of fuel and someone else helps him out, so on so forth.

With a few QoL mechanics the ship could automatically fuel up when you dock. It could warn you if you set a distination that would require you to refuel along the way. And these QoL mechanics could be tweaked even further.

I wonder how this mechanic would affect botters as well. Because right now you can just warp to safety, cloak and there is no problem. You never really have to visit a populated area. So chain farming belts and what not in desolated areas are possible today, but probably wont be with this mechanic introduced. In essence it makes it less convenient to chain farm belts, especially in remote areas, which are probably way too safe to begin with because they are so remote and unvisited. Anyone could have a ratter in a remote system and just fire and forget. With fuel mechanic there is a little more logistics involved and its not just endlessly warping from belt to belt. You could even make “Fuel cache” anomalies that pop up every now and then on scanners. It would actually create a “hauling” encounter. So you have mining anomaly, pve anomalies, the hacking and so on, and with the fuel cache you will have hauling encounters where people warp in with haulers to ge the loot. I mean the fuel mechanic has alot of potential to expand the game.

No thanks. Jf and above require fuel, in a sense.

Thats not enough

Hmm not to sure about this.

I mean, we already have ships in the game that require fuel to jump.
We also already have refinery structures so that would not really be a new thing either.

Running out of fuel before arriving at your destination sounds scary and would be a pain to calculate every time you want to undock.

I dont think this should be a thing at all.

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Why would it be a pain to calculate? How much time do you spend calculating the fuel in your car? In fact most people just drive around until the car tells them its time to refuel. This mechanic could be as simple. But it would still have broader ramifications considering a new industry kind of opens up, as well as the odd occurences of where a player actually runs out of fuel and has to deal with it. Abandon the ship or call for help. Maybe there will be dedicated community/channel for rescuing stranded people… I mean who knows. #EMERGENTGAMEPLAY

That doesn’t sound interesting at all. And the fuel market is fine the way it is, and it’s going to change even more with the new Upwell structures coming in the Winter Expansion.

Plus, I know it’s something generally overlooked, but new players will have an harder time actually paying for ammunition if they chose a PVE/PVP path AND the mechanic of always paying to actually fly their lone frigate. If they ever run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere, not a lot of them will actually be rescued and they’ll be force to abandon what could be their only one and irreplaceable ship at their level, which is sincerely not fun.

Also, I think everyone can agree that being forced to abandon a multi billions Hull just because the reservoirs are empty could be extremely frustrating.


Your ship is refueled by baseliners whenever you dock up.

Also, dumb ideas belong in PF&I, not General Discussion.

This should be in Features and Ideas. Also all jump drives require fuel. The rest of our ships are solar powered :wink:

Just watch this video and the entire discussion falls to the ground. :laughing:


What if you stopped posting.


Why not suggest this idea to CCP’s new owners? I’m certain they would be responsive to it. There is so much possible with this kind of concept, it boggles the mind.

-1 Make work.

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This has been proposed before- no

The last thing we need is a reason for folks to not undock.

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You mean, you wanna straight up rip off Star Citizen’s ideas for how ship fuel works?

Making people run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. Broadcasting a distress call for a refuel. Needing a new class of gas truck ships.

It sounds like a terrible idea for Scam Citizen, and it sounds like a worse idea for Eve.



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No. Go away.


Some people want no change here,not even a slight change…because change needs adjustment,THEIR adjustment,and so change is bad…

“We’ve done it for 15 years like this,go away” is their holy dogma and ANYONE that comes around the corner with new ideas is THE ENEMY…

For those people even warp to 0 was a reason to complain in the past.

You cannot talk to those people reasonable…they just live in their own world which they try to protect at all cost,even at the cost of the game to die…

Stubbornness and refusing of the reality as only motto may seem strange for outsiders,but in their world it makes total sense because -as i already said- new is bad…


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I do think a rather ingenious idea, maybe not idk, instead of forcing all the ships to require fuel, maybe make a ship that can only carry that type of fuel, and use it to help fuel JF’s and larger…

@ISD_Buldath can this topic be moved to PF&I?

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What if CCP subtracts 1 plex for every post made?


Bad idea, as has been posted above, no need for more people to have more reasons to not undock.

If you wanna do something cool, remove local in NS.