Fueling Citadels

Adding a feature that if you have docking rights to a citadel that you can fuel it by opening the fuel bay and dropping in fuel to online modules.

Would have to not be able to see the contents of the hangar without the need for roles, and the move would have to be one way.

Would online modules active in the citadel instantly, where moving fuel in with roles would allow selection of what modules or in what order become active, and allow anyone to become a “starbase fueler” without roles.

Could also save clones, fitting, etc for allies/neutrals on derelict citadels.

Irony would be to fuel a war decced citadel for giggles to make it harder for attackers to kill.

Would need to give a notice of who added fuel and when to the owners. Though it wouldnt be entirely necessary but would make refueling contracts viable with a notice of delivery.


Great idea. Here is another SKIN


That is a cool idea and would make fueling easier for buddies outside of your corp.


The only thing that gives me immediate pause is that some service modules I leave in the offline state on purpose, and if someone can add fuel and online these modules it could potentially cost me fuel I intended to use for other purposes.

Even if the structure is in low power mode, it may have a reserve of fuel that the owner intends to use for a specific purpose or duration. Unless the donated fuel and the structure operator’s fuel are kept separate, and the offline state of a service module is restored when the donated fuel runs out, I can see this being problematic for the owners of some structures.

Also of note, but perhaps not a concern for the dog eat dog nature of Eve, is that the structure owner could take the donated fuel soon after and offline the services again.

I do think there needs to be some solution found to this particular problem. I am deathly afraid of onlining a cloning service available to the public because there is no way for me to know if it is being used, or by whom to notify them of any impending change, or threat.

Eve does not provide me with the tools to be a responsible owner. I can not treat people with the sort of care and attention I would like.

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I think the fact that you would have to willingly “donate” your isk as a sort of “do so at your own risk” caveat that is rather Eve in nature. If you dont wish to lose it dont do it.

The other issue that you bring up is that you have an open citadel that people can dock at yet are worried that something you offlined will be onlined and the fuel you stashed there used up as well?

Why are you giving randoms docking access then? Is the question Id reply with.

You alluded to being a responsible owner, yet that IS the responsibilities of the owner to control docking rights and who can use, view and interact with your citadel to as much a degree as CCP allows. To deny docking rights to any joe blow really negates this issue entirely imo. Like not giving a key to your house to everyone in the world.

Only corp members should have access to the fit in the first place or there should be a role for accessing it which you only give to someone you can trust to keep that service as you wanted.
Service modules aside, what I fueling even a random citadel would only “online” defences?

What I’m refering to was this portion of the OP’s suggestion:

The rationale for the OP wanting this functionality is to recover a Clone that has been left in a structure who’s clone bay has gone offline and for which the structure operators are unavailable. A clone with implants can be a very expensive investment.

I, too, think that the risk involved with the cloning service is rather high and could stand some adjustments to make the service safer for the consumer, but I wanted to observe at the same time how automatic onlining of modules may inconvenience some structure operators.

My enjoyment in Eve comes, at least in part, from working for the public good. It is questionable as to how well I perform that function, but that is the goal.

I think you’re conflating being selective with being responsible. I would agree that pandering to the interests of one’s self or one’s in group is by far the dominant attitude in Eve, but there are exceptions and, that I am aware of, no prohibitions on trying to be friendly as a default policy.

Responsibility is keeping those ‘randoms’ appraised of situations that affect them to the best of your ability, responding to your customer’s good faith in kind, and delivering on the services or promises you’ve committed to. I do not have the information I require to discharge those responsibilities to my satisfaction.

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Actually that portion of the OP was a corpmates current issue and it got me thinking as with POSes the ability to have starbase fuelers not in the corp was a specific role you could give someone which has no equivalent in Citadels it appears. My idea would negate the idea of having roles simply because of the ability of the citadel owner to limit who has access in the first place.

A cheap work around would be the have the owner allow certain modules to be onlined by anyone, or even have this service limited to certain modules only.

So this is an amalgamation of several issues and a past workability from POS days. Seeing as docking rights is tantamount to the same POS role. Seeing as POSes were either fueled and working or not fueled and not working at all it was obvious, nor were many of the features made unavailable for all dockable capsuleers but more for only corporation members it was a much easier solution. Yet now we can have unlimited docking rights which though a good thing makes things interesting for those using it, and though it was a planned feature “trust is a commodity” in Eve, it could use a bit of a tweak in these areas.

Ah. A ‘station fueler’ access list is an idea I’d like to see implemented. I would enjoy finer grained control and the ability to share responsibilities with trusted individuals or groups outside my corporation. That aligns with my goal of working for the public good very nicely.

You do realize you can simply take the fuel out and put it in a corp, personal or deliveries hangar right?

Yet with citadels we can do away with roles and simply use the docking rights for these issues.

you all realize there is already a way for out of corp people to fuel structures?
and turn ■■■■ on and off…

if you dont…then figure it out.

The defense access list, yes, I am aware.

The suggestion is deliberately trying to bypass station roles for fueling.

If it requires active role assignment, the above would not be possible.

Yes, and that way required you to take control of the citadel and then open the inventory and then open the or drop stuff in the fuel hangar. That’s unnecessarily complicated for an already very annoying gameplay feature.

You mean those devs that waste their time on useless, not-asked for changes like wormhole rolling changes, giving ABC the MJD instead of working on all the HAC changes that we were promised last year, or wasting their art time on skins instead of ship model improvements? Or the management devs who don’t allow karkur to work on all the little things that need improvement? If you talk about those devs, I gladly give them some more things on their plate so that they get stuffed sooner.

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Dont waste your time or effort replying to deveron. The guy’s a bona fide twig sitter, among other things wrong with him.

i wouldn’t be against like the same system corps/alliance can use on a POS so everyone can fuel the Jump bridge… but i think it should be limited to corp/alliance fuelage only based on a “fuel tech” ACL

The idea of some random guy droping fuel off i can’t get behind.

Yet why?

Other than offlined modules going online you want to stay offline or using up fuel stored in the fuel bay. Both of which are odd reasons against it imo. Seeing as you dont need to have the module actually placed IN the citadel slot itself if you dont want it going online and you dont need fuel IN the fuel bay either. Lots of room in the citadels unlike POS structures.

If someone wants to donate you free fuel at their expense what is the issue there?

Don’t like the idea.

Fuel bay is internal bussines of owner (even if your idea means only input movements). Those who owns citadels must keep care about them. The situation when citadel owner droped it into the ocean of destiny and even not log into game but citadels are still supported by public is not right.

If one wish to contribute there are simple way - ISK transfer. Also there should be open dialog with public and citadel owners since they made their structure open for players.

I like this proposal.

Currently, in my expanded social circle, in game, we have a missing member. None of us know why he ceased to log in, simply that to the best of our knowledge none of his known characters are logging in.

Our missing member has two citadels, we checked those. Everything is in low power, providing circumstantial evidence this individual is not logging into the game any longer.

Now, this guy is liked, and some of us would help him out, by fueling his citadels, at least for time, to keep him from losing them, while he’s away.

We’d do this cause he’s our friend.

But, as things are currently, we cannot.