A Rework of Citadel Permissions

Right now there’s a significant gap in the ability of a corporation or alliance to manage its citadels. While the modern Access Control Lists are lightyears ahead of the old POS permissions, they have the issue of only addressing usability, and not management of structures. Managing an upwell structure ultimately falls under a single corporation based role, Station Manager; which gives anyone with said role the ability to do everything from modify fits and services to anchor, unanchor, and even transfer structures.

With this in mind, I propose a new set of corporation based roles, to allow for more granular control over Upwell Structures. Many of these are similar to some of the old POS roles.

  • Fuel Officer - Has the ability to both deposit and withdraw fuel from a citadel fuel bay. Can remotely view these bays through the structure browser.
  • Armory Officer - Has the ability to both deposit and withdraw ammunition and fighters from their respective citadel bays. Can remotely view these bays through the structure browser.
  • Fitting Officer - Has the ability to modify fittings and online/offline citadel modules and services. Can remotely view full fits and service modules through the structure browser. Inherits the rights of Fuel Officer and Armory Officer.
  • Quartermaster - Has the ability to anchor and unanchor citadels.
  • Structure Auditor - Has the ability to remotely view but not modify the fits, service modules, fuel, fighter, and ammunition bays of all citadels through the structure browser.
  • Station Manager - Modify this already-in-place permission to inherit all 5 previous permissions, plus the unique ability to transfer structures.

I believe this setup creates an easy to understand, but powerful permissions system for the management of Upwell Structures.

Decommissioning (unanchoring) a Structure can only be done by a Director or CEO.

Honestly, I just want the ability to select “Base At” for access to corp hangars in an office at a player structure when I am assigning roles/titles to line members.

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I have never really dealt with permissions for structures but this seems logical to me +1

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