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Hi everyone,

with EVE:Lifeblood CCP pleasured us with yet another new Structure that replaces functions formerly done by POS.

I think it is time to get a hold of the rights management, possibly a nice and shiny overhaul.

Most importantly create a system in which Corp Role Management, Access List and Structure Profile work together like a charm. The same could go for a lot of other functionality, like bookmarks, chat channels etc. It’s all pretty cluttered right now and not nicely integrated.

Basically my proposal is to use ACCESS LISTS as the universal member management tool for all things that require rights management and use “XYZ” PROFILES to specify rights for one or many Structures, Shared Hangars, Shared Bookmarks, Corporation (and its functionalities like Wallets, Recruitment etc.), Wallets in general, possibly Alliance etc.

Specifically for new Structures there are some things that could be useful in regards to rights:

  • Have a Structure Profile (or Corp Profile) Function that allows to separate between anchoring/unanchoring Structures and fitting them. Replace the old “Config Starbase” Corp Role with two new Roles and possibly realize it through the Access List/XYZ Profile system rather than through Corp Role Management, so that you can give rights to be Admin of one Structure, while being normal member of another. Under the “Control” Tab in Structure Browser/Profile Settings there is currently only “Assume structure control”, but I’d like to see at least these two other options (possibly more if it makes sense), just like in the Industry Tab of the same Settings. Fuel is another such thing that could have its own category.

  • Possibly separate Rule-Sets for different kind of modules. While I might want to allow people to online/offline something like Reprocessing, I might not want them to be able to offline a Factory or kill the Rigs. This will become specifically challenging for the planned Update of vulnerability mechanics, as offlining all Services will result in … well bad … it’s bad.

  • Separate the “Extraction” Functionalities of Refineries into their own group (Access List based) rather than requiring the universal and far too powerful Starbase Manager Role required to cancel Extraction Jobs.

  • Not sure how it works, but if exploding the Moon chunks has some weird dependencies, it would be nice to give it its own group as well

  • Add Option to allow for Absolute Taxes on Industrial services in Structures, similar to having Corp Offices or Jump Clones. It would allow in low Index systems to find a proper taxing system which allows for Structure Owners to ask a base price for Industry use to cover fix costs like fuel and/or tax based on System Index. Reason being that the current system that solely allows System Index based Taxing leads to taxes not covering the fix costs of a Structure (in low Index Systems) or less than possible competition between high-turnover Structures in High Index Systems.

  • Reprocessing Tax for Compression (if that already exists, sorry nvm) as an Option to tax “normal” Ore mining, where the Ore isn’t reprocessed in a Refinery, but brought to the market as compressed Ore

While at it, some other Rights-related areas which could use some love:

  • Bookmark Groups (using the Access List) to share Bookmarks across Chars, Corps, Alliances

  • Hangar Groups (using Access List) to share Hangars across Chars, Corps, Alliances

  • Chat Channels using Access List instead of their own system (would need some work on Access List functionality)

  • Shared Temporary Scan Results (share with Alts/Corp/Alliance or have sale/buy option in Scanner Window)

  • Fitting Groups (same as all the above for Ship Fittings)

  • Wallet Groups (muahahaha yeaaaah)

  • Everything Corp and Alliance related that differentiates between members in different roles

  • … any more ideas?

Removal groups! One of the biggest pains in corp management is that only director and CEO can kick a player from a corp. If neither is online a toxic memner can linger. And well, if you want more HR people, you have to give them access to all.

If we had removal lists or roles… Say a hierarchy where I could say Bs could kick As but not Bs and above, Cs could kick As and Be but not Cs, etc, we could allow more HR responsibility in a corp without giving those same people access to everything else.


Yeah, absolutetly. These things could be helpful to make Corps more productive and give members responsibilities without handing them the golden key or nothing. For the entire rights management/access list system being so cluttered and full of clickable stuff, there are surprisingly many functions missing. I hope a overhaul can both make it more accessible and provide more choices.

The corp management feature / module / code is some of the oldest if not the oldest code remaining in Eve. It has never to my recollection been updated or modified in anyway, other than UI wise.

It is also some of the most important if not the most important feature, think about the number of items in hangars with restricted access across New Eden? think about how most of the big corp theft’s / alliance disbanding’s are done by people in positions of power …

Can you imagine what would happen if CCP attempted to re-factor the corp management code? Think about the launcher issues of the past few days …

Think again, do you really want CCP to touch the corp management code?

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CCP Seagull… stated during Eve Online : rubicon… there is no turning back now… so all legacy code is going bye bye… the day will come that corp management gets its rebalance…

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Fuuuuuuck :smiley: Well, actually, the potential chaos that could create makes me want it even more!

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