Anyone has guide how setup access to upwell structure?

I have raitaru but that access settings are so confusing and unclear. Can someone can tell me how make my structure open only for my corp?


Maybe these links will help.

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In short, to set up an Upwell structure you need two things. A structure profile, and an access list.

Just think of access lists as granular permission levels (a lot like TS3’s permission settings). You have four roles you can set: (listed in order of permission highest to lowest)

  • Owner (I don’t know if this can be changed).
  • Blocked - Anyone who is blocked will not have access according to this profile.
  • Admin
  • Manager
  • Member

You can then assign the following groups to a permission level

  • Global – This is set by clicking the globe icon near the bottom of the access list window. Global groups can only be assigned to member.
  • Alliance
  • Corporation
  • Pilot

The smaller the potential scope of a group the more power it has. What this means is you can make your access list a public access list (by clicking on the globe button). However you may wish to block an entire alliance, so you can add the alliance to the blocked group. As the alliance will have a smaller scope than global, the alliance will override that setting. This is where the power of access lists come in. While you might block an alliance, you can allow a corporation of that alliance by putting them on the member list. You can also block single members of that corporation and so on.

Once you have made your access list, then you need to make a structure profile and assign it to the structure in question. I have not played with these mechanics for a very long time so I am not 100% sure on how you go about assigning profiles but you should be able to do it from the structure browser if you have the right roles.

When you make your structure profile, you can use multiple access lists. For example you might have the following access lists: friends, corporation and public. You may add these access lists to the browser profile in a similar way to adding groups to your access lists. In short, if you charge the public 5% tax to use your facilities, but your corp profile gets charged 0% tax, then people in your corp will pay the lesser amount, being 0.

I hope this helps, if you have any more questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:


Thx, I think I understand this now.

To be clear: If I put “everyone” in access list (im admin of list if this mater) and add them to docking tab. My structure will be open to anyone? Also, I need to add that list to all services (and set taxes etc.) to make them usable by others?

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You will be the owner of any access list you create. You’re also able to make any person an administrator on your public access list.

Yes you do have too add this access lost to each section of the structure profile.


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