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Hi all . I have been trying to figure out if its possible to restrict 1 of our corp members docking access to our structures. I can edit profiles etc except for our corp. If i am correct i can only set our corp access to our citadels or can i have our corp but exclude a member ??


2 ways I can think of as possible things to try, but I don’t know if either will work:

  1. set the member as a corp contact with -10 standing and then exclude based on standings.

  2. block access for everyone and then add people back in individually. You have 16 members in corp, so it shouldn’t take long if that method works

But as above, no clue if either approach will actually achieve what you need.

Can’t you just kick the person from Corp?

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Access Lists do not work by standing. The only way to manage access to services or docking is adding groups either as members (have access) or blocked (have no access). Theoretically, you can just add this corp member to the Blocked section in the access list and they should not have docking rights or any access to structure services where this access list is being used.


I’d follow this suggestion.

If there is one good reason for why you don’t want a member to dock at your structure while everyone else is allowed to, then you’d be a much better CEO when you remove the player from your corporation, because this sort of exclusion / isolation policy sounds like its going to cause drama inside your corporation in the long run. So either let the player dock and solve your problem in a different way (maybe just accept the player as is) or get rid of him asap.


Access lists work like this
The more specific item overrides a less specific one.

A persons access rights > a corps > an Alliance > public

All that is to say yes you can exclude one or more people while allowing their corp access

Nah we want to do it as a joke . We are all family in rl and allways playing jokes on each other. This is our way of getting back at him for his latest prank.

@Noragen_Neirfallas will try this and let you know if it works. Thanks

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nah didnt work :frowning:

Don’t know what to tell you. I actually encountered this exact scenario a month or so back and blocked somebody from access as a bit of a joke after he parked his freighter inside. Well we forgot about it and logged off away from home so the next day when he piloted home he thought the citadel had been killed because it wasn’t on his overview :smiley:

PS he couldn’t dock when we did give him the warp in

Blocking the specific character should work, unless you have multiple access lists set for docking.

The most granular setting prevails within an access list, but across access lists, the most permissive access list applies.

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