A question about docking rights in stations and citadels

I was wondering how the docking in FW to stations work due to a enemy not being able to dock if in the opposing faction. This got me thinking in that if this same functionality could be implemented to citadel docking if the toon is in the opposing faction.

The citadel can be built but no docking would be permitted. This would mean that corporations and alliances in FW have something to fight for or it would mean less citadels in FW which both fix this docking in opposing factions issue.

Is there no way CCP can set docking rights in citadels that look at faction status or standing as a default then at alliance and corp permissions?

With Rivr Luzade linking access lists for me to learn about citadel docking rights I found it intresting that the user cant set NPC Corporations or factions to the access list.

Is it then possible for CCP to add a faction to the access list?

My thinking that once you anchor your citadel in a FW space system it will always adopts the faction of the current holder as the heightest access list. This list cant be deleted and is a ingame function. It overides all access lists under it. If the alliance or corporation anchoring that citadel then belongs to the same faction it will allow docking but if the system control then switches the citadel then switches as well creating a no docking senario for the alliance or corporation.

What this means is that if you are part of FW or not the citadel in a system controlled by a faction is infact owned by the faction and not by you and you simply anchored it for the faction. The only way you can take it down is by unanchoring it once your faction takes control again.

Again the system faction owns the citadel if anchored but you own it if unanchored.

Could something like this be done?

Structures do not care about your FW situation. You can dock in your structure or structures that have open access or allow you to dock.

Thank you for that. I will read up

I have updated my question

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