Former Player Dementia, Stuck in Enemy Space (which alt can redock)

Have been offline for years now, got super excited to log back on and get my wings back. Was doing FW when I left and left all my gear in a 0.4 security station outside of FW space. However that station is now in the hands of Amarr. I’ve been googling to no success. So few questions if anyone can help a demented idiot.

  1. If I leave the station in .4 Amarr space can my FW main character redock?
  2. I have a hauler alt with a stealth transport, that has never been part of Faction warfare but is also minmatar so I’m assuming he’d be able to dock, is that correct?

You can dock in any station. The only places that can restrict your docking access are player made structures.

Appreciate it, not sure why I thought I couldn’t dock there.

1a. Correct. If one is a part of Faction Warfare, they cannot dock in any NPC station in a system controlled by a “hostile” faction.
2a. Also correct. “Neutrals” (anyone who is not a part of Faction Warfare) are not affected by the Faction Warfare mechanics, regardless of what their character race is.

Partially correct.

Player owned stations can dictate who can and cannot dock based on any criteria they care about. They do not care about the rules I mentioned before.

Ah, i wasn’t taking the FW part into consideration. I honestly did not know that… thanks for the correction.

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Thanks for the save. I hadn’t undocked yet, but will today. Shouldn’t be a huge deal, I just have to remember how to move my stuff over to my alt.

Appreciate it!

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Two more questions, can I drop the faction warfare “tag” and then have access to the station even if my security rating with Amarr is low?

Also if the system is contested is that the same as ‘controlled’. It’s currently Amarr Contested. And thanks in advance for the guidance kind strangers!

Yes. Once you drop out of Faction Warfare you will be considered a “neutral” and will not be subject to the FW rules.
Do note that dropping out is not instant. Give it a good 24 hours to take effect.

Also note that even as a “neutral” people will still try to blow you up.
It is common practice to shoot “neutrals” whenever possible as they could be spies/scouts or a hauler for the enemy faction.

As for your poor Amarr standings; they won’t really be a problem unless you venture into Amarr high-sec space (1.0 to 0.5 systems).
If you have -1.0 standing then Faction Police show up and try to destroy you in 1.0 security systems.
If you have -5.0 standing then Faction Police show up and try to destroy you 0.5 security and above systems.
Standings between -1.0 and -5.0 will incur Faction Police responses in that faction’s systems between 1.0 and 0.5.

NOTE: The Faction Police are -NOT- Concord. They are more akin to the Customs Agents you see floating around stargates. These NPCs can be shot at, destroyed, and/or avoided with the correct ships.
And these NPCs will spam Electronic Warfare.

As long as it says “(this faction)” in the upper left where the system name is, that particular faction controls the system.

“Contested” simply means that the opposing faction is running complexes in space to try and take over the system.

More info:

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I don’t know hire much stuff you have, but PushX or Red Frog can move it for you in a Courier Contract to a nearby high sec border system.

It can be very affordable and save your sanity.

Don’t want to spend your first week back in the game just moving! Pew pew!!!


Thanks Shah and Moriar. Apparently I thought ahead and dropped FW before logging off the last time. All this feedback helped! I even took the ole corvette out for a spin.

Looking forward to getting blown up again.

Also Also. Rifter is still king.

I never really fought with rifters. Did enjoy TD Firetail fits, but thinking I’ll go rifter this time and finally learn how to scram kite!

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