Guristas controlled space

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I think you already saw my (dumb) questions in that topic, so here’s a new one !
I recently put my feets in a NPC Null-Sec space, controlled by the Guristas. I found that they have stations floating around the moons of those pockets and I would like to know : can I count them as “safe point” ?
Because of course my standing toward that Pirate Faction is really low (I was still able to dock at the station), but when I undocked a large group of NPC jumped on my position (cruisers and BS, didn’t catched me tho).

Also a second one : the sentry guns guarding the station had a icon in darker blue than the one we can found in the other parts of space, anyone can answer that please ?

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Sasha Viderzei

Good question.

Yeah, they can be viewed as ‘Safe Points’. NPC stations are all basically the same, meaning you can dock and use their station services. The amount charged for reprocessing and Broker fees is based on your standing towards the Faction and the Corp controlling that station. .

As for the NPC’s attacking you on undock, I’m not sure about that, maybe has something to do with FOB’s or some other new event type content.

I have no idea about the guns being a different color.

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NPC and empire factions act pretty much the same. If your standing is low - say hello to fleet forces.
You can try and fix your standing with them, but be warned, caldari will hate you for that (and Amarr too, to lesser degree)

Unless you plan on shooting the station, you can ignore those sentries. They never do anything but look cool.

You will be able to dock there even if your Guristas standing is -10.0. Don’t worry about that.

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