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Hello, I am sort of new to the game (played for like a month a year ago, and recently got back), and I have some questions. If I go to null space, and get faction standing with the pirate factions that are cool with the 2 empire factions I side with, can I still return to high sec space where those empires are? I know there’s THE Concord, and then there’s Concord Factions. Would the Concord factions lock me down when I enter their systems, or no? Is it feasible to avoid concord systems and still hang out in high sec? I’m considering sticking with guristas and blood raiders, while maintaining standing with minmatar and gallente. I know it will likely lock me out of Amarr, Caldari, and Sisters of EVE stuff.

Thanks for the help!

Hi there,

Welcome back to EVE. So for your first question, the answer is; No, you do not get locked out of Highsec, sure you may find that you’d be on bad terms with the 2 other opposing factions in highsec. This only means that (if -5.0 or below in standing) if you enter their space their police will attack you with intent to destroy your ship, so when you do enter those territories you will have to stay on the move and not linger around stargates. “CONCORD” is a general term used for the force which dish out retribution upon unsanctioned criminal actions that occur within highsec space, that CONCORD and the Concord Faction is one in the same, however bad your standing is with the concord faction same mechanics apply as if it were any other faction. Your Sec Status, if low enough, only determine when or if another player can freely engage you in combat without CONCORD interfering regardless of you being at war with them or not.
I don’t think you doing this will have much an effect on your standing with SoE Faction, other than you may have trouble getting to and from systems where their agents are located. I have no experience with having low standing (-5.0 or below) with any of the Empire Factions so I can’t say with absolute certainty that the faction police will not try and hunt you down when you’re in their systems.

Ah, also, I heard that if you enter a concord run system and your reputation with them is low, they will keep you locked there until you are killed, any truth to that?

I don’t think so; however not 100% sure on this.

As far as I know, no. There is a difference between Faction police and Concord criminal response force. This applies to the Concord faction as well.

They will, however, escalate, and apply other things like webs and neuts and stuff like that, which can be debilitating. Not as bad as a point/scram, but still.

They will, if you enter their space. My amarr standings were slaughtered because i chose to do SoE missions till my standings went to 9.6. When it was below -5.0, any amarr system i entered, i got flagged and afking too long got me killed.

even in a deadspace safespot?

i believe so, yes, since they followed me into warp everywhere i went in the system.

Ah, ok then I guess you’d have to stay on the move :smile:

Looks like I’ll have a little experimenting to do… First, I need to send a bunch of spare BPOs to the pirate faction bases and try building a few frigates there. Then, I’ll try doing basic missions there until I hit -5 with concord and shuttle my way through the Yulai system…

Concord’s faction name is CONCORD Assembly just in case you didn’t know :wink:

for example, with my player account I have 5.0 Sec status, but my standing with the faction is only 1.2, even with my many years of playing EVE.

FYI, if you do get low standing with the CONCORD faction, the only way there is for you to repair it is by working your ass off killing NPC pirates as CONCORD does not have any mission agents. Assuming that you can even repair such damage at all… :thinking:

Uh, i would use a freighter service and move ships there, it will probably be easier to move ships than to send BPOs over and build them there. Up to you though.

Also, if you are doing NPC pireates, it will not harm your security status, only your status with other NPC factions. So it will most likely not be concord that will have a problem with you, but another faction, be it caldari, amarr, minmattar or Gallente.

Before accepting the mission, you can tell which faction it will hurt your standings with, by seeing who the opposing faction you are going to come in conflict with, will be.

Yeah, but aren’t there different concord faction systems I’ll have to go through to get to Pator, my main hub?

So, its not concord faction, its empire factions. We do not usually refer to the empire factions as concord, and when you engage them they are not labeled as concord.

But yes, depending on who you make an enemy of, and what route you take, you will have to move through an empire faction that dislikes you.

Just remember, as long as you are not afk and move quickly, you will be able to move through them with little to no repercussions.

http://evemaps.dotlan.net/system/Yulai < This is what I’m referring to. Systems controlled by the concord faction.

You will usually not make an enemy of the concord faction, unless your missions are specifically against Concord.

As far as I am aware, there are very few missions that do this, but I have not run Guristas in a while, so i cannot say for certain.

But in case you do, then they are treated the same as other empire factions.

Concord holds sovereignty over the Sanctum constellation in north Genesis which contains Yulai. You can lose Concord standing by running anti-concord pirate missions in Nullsec. If your standing drops below -5 their faction police will shoot at you same as the normal empire faction police if you enter their sovereign territory.

I have no idea how you go about repairing Concord standing!



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