Questions regarding low sec and pirate corps

Hi carebear & noob here i have some questions regarding low & null sec & pirate corps like angel cartel for example .
1 Is null sec operation like high sec and what I by mean that is I’m pretty mutch hated with angel cartell for example i have seen that their corp owns or better said opperates in some parts of null sec which is kinda where I’m intrested in going ( i heard the weather is great there ) . And i know from experience that killing someone ships in special story missions like for example the amar empire if i get -5.00 rep with them they will come gunning for you question is will the pirates factions thet i kinda grinded alot of missions do the same with BS, Battlecrusiders and pesky meseage " you have committed bla bla bla we gonna screw you bla bla bla " or how will they react if i come in their turf no dought about it they will engage me but will they engage with a large fleet or only the ships once they spot me ex i encounter ships at the gate they engage & they call for backup or not ?
2 If sneak past them and war to a planet belt etc and i uncloack will they warp to my location and start the fight ( I had problems with amarr empire dilplomacy skill rezolved our quarrel i did not fight them so i dont know if their welcoming party would keep spawming if i destroyed a few of thei ships like concord i heard theose guys spawn till the end of eve ) … ?
3 Lets say the answers above are bouth yes is tring to repair my rep with them worth i know the rewards are better at pirate corps i mean the lp and isk is better but I like high sec but amd still curious about null and low sec i would prefer it if I would not have to chose between them it or should i make another char and stay the hell away from missions and use that char for pvp only ?
Thank you for reading my post & having the patience to go through it o7

Pirate factions dont chase you or anything, you have nothing to worry about. That mechanic is only for the highsec empires.

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Being chased by NPC pirates is the least of your worries in low or nullsec. Once you leave highsec the assumption is that you are looking for PVP or you enjoy being the mouse in a cat & mouse game of hide and seek.

Ratting in sovereign nullsec can be reasonably safe if you belong to a strong alliance and watch your intel channel but you will lose ships and you will be expected to participate in CTAs (call to arms).

Eve is all about player interaction - it won’t take long to get bored with the PVE. You can play for the combat simulation and compete with other players on the battlefield or you can play for the economic simulation and compete in the markets - or both, but Eve is not a “theme park” where the developers entertain you - it’s a “sandbox” where players entertain each other.

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To answer your questions:

  1. No. Pirate factions do not operate like Empire factions. Empire factions are the “good guys” and will “police” their space, sending Navy ships against you, and having Customs ships at the gates to check for drugs and contraband. Pirate factions do not do that. There ARE pirates in belts and at some of the gates, but they will attack everyone (because they are pirates). And if you warp away they will not follow you. In addition, if you do missions for the pirate agents, and build up reputation with the Angel Cartel, the pirates at the gates and in the asteroid belts will still attack you (because they are pirates).

You should keep in mind, however, that the biggest danger in low-sec and null-sec is other players. These are free-for-all PVP zones, and you WILL be attacked by players. Players can use probes to find your mission location and attack you there. People don’t worry about the NPC pirates as much as they worry about player pirates.

  1. If you get into a system and go to a planet, the NPC pirates won’t follow you. Player pirates WILL, however. A player who is good with the probes can find you in 30 seconds or less.

  2. The reward for doing missions for pirates is that you get access to the LP store for the pirates, which has pirate ships in it. Otherwise, killing NPC pirates in anomalies and exploration complexes in low-sec and null-sec space will drop loot that’s better / more valuable than in high-sec. You get to kill the bigger boss pirates and get the more rare officer modules.

Keep in mind that if you do missions for Amarr they ask you to kill pirates; if you do missions for pirates they’ll ask you to kill Amarr / Caldari / Gallente / Minmatar etc. So you WILL lose Empire standings if you want to gain pirate standings.

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thank you for replying in sutch great detail

thank you

thank you all for your assistance may your paths lead you to great adventures isk and good times 7o

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