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I’ve recently done a couple pirate corporation faction missions and noticed that my CONCORD Assembly standing was going down. Is there any way to increase this? I am NOT talking about my security status.

If my standing with the CONCORD Assembly faction gets too low will I be attacked in high sec at will or will I just be attacked by CONCORD ships at gates? Or will I be attacked at all? I read some old posts and they seem to have conflicting info.

Once again, I am NOT talking about my security status.

Thank you for your time.

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Currently there’s no way in-game to raise Concord Assembly standing.

If your Concord Faction standing drops to -5.00 or lower, you will be attacked upon entering Concord controlled systems in Sanctum Constellation, Genesis Region.

When in that area you will be attacked by Concord Navy NPC’s. Those NPC’s are not the insta-killing Concord Police NPC’s.


If it’s too low if I recall correctly you’ll be chased by concord fac police in Concord owned systems like Yulai. They are like other FacPo and not the response fleet.

I guess you are talking about derived standings from playing storyline missions for one of the pirate factions?

If so, your negative standings should be capped at -3.0 in the worst case, which would be playing storylines for Sanshas Nation. Only if you kill Concord ships in missions (is this even possible?) your standings could go down all the way to -10.

With -3.0 you can still fly around in Concord Assembly systems without problem. And the Diplomacy skill will further increase that.

and if u take on say Sansha will Concord standings not rise again?

No, there’s no way in-game whatsoever to gain Concord Faction Standing. That means both direct and derived standing’s.

Concord Assembly has negative standing with all Pirate Factions and neutral standing with all Empire Factions.

And Thukker Tribe is not a Pirate Faction despite having negative standings with most of the other Factions. Thukker Tribe has positive standing with Jove Empire and Minmatar Republic and neutral standing with Angel Cartel, Concord Assembly, Serpentis and The Syndicate.

As for destroying Pirate NPC’s such as Sansha, that will only raise your personal Security Status…

And also lower your standings with Sansha and their allied Pirate Factions, Guristas and Blood Raiders.

While concord and drifters have no agents and cannot be raised.

SoCT and jove have no agents but their standings can be raised


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