CONCORD Faction Standings! No Methods to Improve

Alright guys

To make this simple, from what I’ve researched and looked around forums and ingame, I don’t see a method to gain CONCORD Assembly standings (faction). This has provoked a problem for me, with doing pirate missions in 0.0 sometimes you go against CONCORD. This lowers your standings with the faction like it would with any of the empires.

Now thats understandable yet you can improve the empire standings, along with pirate factions. Though there is no method to improve CONCORD faction, leading to the issue of slowly reaching -5.0 standing which would most likely act like any of the empires. Moving through the CONCORD constellation in Genesis would lead to concord police attacking. Or potentially concord anywhere around high sec.

So I make this post simply to confirm if this is correct and there is no way to improve their standing, and if that is the case I believe CCP should look at a way to improve it, possibly using the tag system they already use for security status. Many years ago their did used to be concord agents and from what I’ve seen it seems they don’t exist anymore due to issues around the previous system.

Anyways sorry about the wall of text. I just believe we should be able to improve it like all factions.

Inless I’m wrong and there is a method to improve it. Feel free to slap me for missing it XD


I think this is what you are looking for.
@DeMichael_Crimson can answer your question possibly.

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Incursions and hunt NPC pirates. Using the CONCORD pacifier,enforcer or marshal will help.

Not sure if SOE missions or Epic will allow you to put standing on CONCORD, like you can for other faction.

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@Jerry_Falcone, thanks for the mention and for linking ‘The Plan’.

Unfortunately there’s no way to gain standings with Concord Assembly. Once your standing has gone down to -5.00 or lower with Concord, the only way to basically “Stay Safe” is to put their High Sec systems on your map avoidance list.


Thanks for your responses guys, yeah I thought so. Maybe we could bring this to light to CCP? I know its a small issue but if in the future they wish to expand further content towards NPC Null sec, this would tie into it. One small fix could include gaining standings with the faction through missions with the empires or Sisters of Eve. Or even doing DED sites after all your attacking Pirate bases it just seems a little silly to not be able to improve it.

Hopefully this topic will grab a Dev or someone from the community to hopefully change this.


I’ve wondered the same thing. Shouldn’t our Sec Status basically be the same as Concord standing? If you’re killing all the right rats and impressing all the right people, that you have a 5.0 Sec status, then that means Concord likes you. And if you’re killing all the wrong people and suicide ganking every chance you get, then that means Concord doesn’t like you.

There shouldn’t be a distinction between the two. Or at the very least, running things like Incursions and Invasions should rebuild your Concord status, since it awards Concord LP. You’re directly serving their interests, your Standings should reflect that.


There are very good reasons the two aren’t linked. Its so -10 sec status people can fly through concord space like any other faction space.
They used to be linked and it caused issues.

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I would also like something to be done about this. ZERO way to increase the standing and one of my characters is -9.83. Even with social skills at max I still can not fly concord assembly space.



Wow, a living legend posting here for the first time. Welcome to the forums.

I have a Captains Quarters screen shot of you on Concords ‘Most Wanted’ list, took a while to get the screen shot, it was done just before the CQ was removed from the game.

Anyway I agree, there should be some sort of content, either Tags or special Agent missions, available in-game to allow Capsuleers the opportunity to repair negative Faction standings with Concord, at the very least to neutral status.


I think only way around this is to just to start another alt.

Congrats on KOS death wish

infamous bragging right applies here being one of the most wanted criminal in game and forever be remember as the man who stands against concord lol


Thank you guys again for responding, and yeah MarkeeDragon is a legend o/

Its sad to see that you suffer with this problem, along with a few people who might not voice on here. It would be amazing if we could get a CCP voice to acknowledge the issue or bring to light a method to improve the faction standing.


I agree that having faction standings that can only deteriorate, along with having Epic Arcs that can only be run once during a character’s entire life, seems arbitrary and counterproductive.

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maybe if there was some kind of volunteer mission stuff you could do. Wouldn’t pay out in isk or anything, but would be a way to show good faith to the assembly and raise your standings.


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