CONCORD Standing Losses Irreversible?!

Hello, Council Of Stellar Management,

For quite some time I have been confused as to why there are currently no ways to improve your standings with CONCORD Assembly, or its member corporations. I understand that some players were exploiting the Empire’s high opinion of CONCORD as a method to improve their empire standings far more quickly than should be possible, so the agents were removed, but why not just remove derived standings from said agents, rather than remove our only method of standings improvement?
And yet, we can still lose CONCORD standings…

You, CSM, are the ones who can make by voice heard. I am certain that I am not the only one who is upset at this.

Roger Larkan, Signal Cartel



@Mike_Azariah @Brisc_Rubal I have to agree here. There needs to either get rid of CONCORD standings or let us have a way to improve the standings with them.


It is an issue and one that we have raised.


How is your sec rating different from a Concord rating?

It is like your empire standing, like Minmatar. If you run pirate missions and blow up concord ships, it impacts your concord standings. If you fly back to highsec and try to fly through the few systems that are under concord control then the faction police will attack you. Also, it affects some of the station taxes.


my security status is: 5.0 and it can be modified by attacking pirates in empire space or through turning in tags

apparently i have no concord standings.
Quote brought to you by Demichael Crimson

However since Concord had positive status with all Empire Factions, players would get positive derived standings to all Empire Factions.

CCP removed all the regular Concord Agents and only left two Concord Agents that offered a one time mission to boost a characters personal security status. After a while players learned how to exploit one of those Agents and CCP eventually removed that mission offer from the Agent. That Concord Agent is in the level 1 Sisters Of Eve Epic Arc and is still active just for the epic arc missions.

However In the process of removing that Agents security status increase mission, CCP buffed the reward / security status increase from the other Concord Agent to make up for that mission being removed.

When the ‘Agents Made Easy’ expansion happened, CCP split the players security status from Concord Faction standing and removed that last Concord ‘security status increase’ Agent from the game. I questioned CCP about a characters personal security status and according to them, even though the game mechanics allow a player the ability to have security status above +5.00, they see no game play reason for it to be accessible.

Currently there is no way to increase Concord Faction standing. Even though Empire Factions have positive standing with Concord, players won’t get any positive derived standing gains to Concord. However if players gain positive standing with Pirate Factions, they will incur negative standing hits to Concord,


I don’t see how CCP cannot reintroduce CONCORD agents into the game, and just remove derived standings.

The original agents remain in the game’s files, according to Dotlan.

It would take a team of CCP developers at least six months to implement something like that.


All I mean is set the Empire’s standing to CONCORD as zero.

Anyway, I have submitted my appeal, it is up to the CSM and CCP Games to act upon it as they wish.

You joking right ? Tell me it is a joke please !

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