CONCORD Faction Standings, No Methods To Improve!

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After contacting a GM I was recommended to post these details onto the CSM board.

Currently there isn’t a way to improve the Concord Assembly Faction standings, which causes a problem for any 0.0 pirate mission runners. This means after reaching -5.0 like all the empire factions, you will not be able to fly through the Concord constellation in Genesis without a response.

True the old system where standing and security status being connected had flaws and methods to abuse, but this loose end could cause issues. Without any methods to improve whereas any of the empire factions can be improved no matter what, this doesn’t seem right to me.

Suggestions include:
Storyline missions - Like mini epic arcs without any ‘true’ rewards, like a volunteer system to prove your loyalty to concord.
Connecting empire missions - Using all empire and SOE missions to provide a small boost towards the standing, after all your killing pirates.
Killing Pirates - Slowing increasing your standing like security status.
A Tag System - Like the current system we use for improve security status.

Of course the standing could be capped like security status to 5.0

I know this isn’t top priority and I’m not expecting changes fast, I’m simply speaking out for others with this problem along with the kind people posting on the previous topic.

Thanks for your time.

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Yeah, I agree 100%. That issue should have been taken care of a long time ago.

I’ve had an active Proposal in this sub-forum for a long time and with a little bit of modification I’m sure it could easily be adapted to repairing / gaining Concord Faction standings.

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