CCPlease create way to improve CONCORD standing!

Hello CCP Games, Roger Larkan here,

Why is there absolutely NO WAY to increase standings with CONCORD Assembly above zero, or even fix negative CONCORD standings? If it can be damaged, why can’t it be fixed? You can fix standings with any other faction (except Drifters), so why can’t you do it with CONCORD?

Sorry, it’s just that this is my biggest peeve in EVE Online…


Because nobody cares about this.

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Because CONCORD never forgets!

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They used to allow you to, then they removed it…
@DeMichael_Crimson can answer this more appropriately


Yeah, been asking that for quite a while now.

Anyway, long time ago use to have Concord mission agents available. However they gave positive derived standings to all high sec Factions so CCP removed those Agents. Course Security Status gains was also tied in with Concord Faction standing and eventually CCP split Security Status gains from Concord Assembly standing.


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