How to Raise Standings with Concord?

How do I raise my character’s standing with Concord? Went to ‘Assiettes IV-Moon 1-Concord Logistic Support’, and wanted to Reprocess items but am charged a fee…how can I raise my standings there, as I can find no Agents to do missions for, etc.?

Thank you for your time and assistance.

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only possible way would be with the social skills. it seems there were concord agents in the past but it was actually a big/exploit, in addition, CCP removed them because Incursions became the main faucet for concord LP.

really sad honestly.

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yeah definitely a shame, no Concord agents available to gain standing from. Just have to go to another Factions station for duty free reprocessing.

The fee for the reprocessing is not the issue so much as the fact that I can find no way to increase the standing – I thought one raised standing with entities through Agents/Missions, etc., and was confused by being unable to find such Agents/Missions which would raise my standing with Concord. Concord has Stations/Services, etc. which charge various fees, rental offices for Corporations, Sales Taxes, Broker’s Fees, etc. – adjusted based on one’s standing, and yet I find no way to raise the standing.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

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When I questioned ‘Eve Support’ about the inability to raise Standing with Concord I was told that there are Concord Agents available ‘somewhere’…does anyone know of any anywhere in the game? Here is the reply ‘Eve Support’ gave me:

"As with all corporations you can raise the standing with by running missions with the an agent of that corporation. CONCORD agents are somewhat rare but I belie there are some still to be found. Please let me know if there is something else I can help with.

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a long time ago concord standing was just your security status. I don’t remember there being normal concord agents, but it’s also something I wouldn’t have probably looked for. I think there are a handful of storyline agents for concord, I believe they are similar to COSMOS agents. There are a few characters with 5.7 sec status and the only way to do that was to run the special concord agents a bunch of years ago.

My advice, go a few jumps and find a station that’s easier to work with. Or look for a player run mining facility, it will probably refine better than an NPC station anyways.

Well, that right there only proves that CCP doesn’t even know their own game.

A long time ago in a faraway galaxy, there were Concord Agents available to run missions for which gave Faction, Corp and Agent standing. However since Concord had positive status with all Empire Factions, players would get positive derived standings to all Empire Factions.

CCP removed all the regular Concord Agents and only left two Concord Agents that offered a one time mission to boost a characters personal security status. After a while players learned how to exploit one of those Agents and CCP eventually removed that mission offer from the Agent. That Concord Agent is in the level 1 Sisters Of Eve Epic Arc and is still active just for the epic arc missions.

However In the process of removing that Agents security status increase mission, CCP buffed the reward / security status increase from the other Concord Agent to make up for that mission being removed.

When the ‘Agents Made Easy’ expansion happened, CCP split the players security status from Concord Faction standing and removed that last Concord ‘security status increase’ Agent from the game. I questioned CCP about a characters personal security status and according to them, even though the game mechanics allow a player the ability to have security status above +5.00, they see no game play reason for it to be accessible.

Currently there is no way to increase Concord Faction standing. Even though Empire Factions have positive standing with Concord, players won’t get any positive derived standing gains to Concord. However if players gain positive standing with Pirate Factions, they will incur negative standing hits to Concord, as shown in this standings chart.

Yeah, definitely a messed up deal, you can’t gain any Concord standings but you can easily lose Concord standings.

‘The Interbus’ Faction is similar despite having regular Agents available. They don’t have any Storyline Agents (or LP store) so you can’t directly gain positive Faction standing. However they do gain positive and negative derived standings from other Factions. Since players can incur negative derived standings with Concord, I think players should be able to gain positive derived standings with Concord as well.


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