Production Guristas

Dear All,

I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this but here goes…

I’m trying to find out about the Gurista’s Production behavior on NPC stations in null sec. On a very regular basis these NPC’s appear with such frequency that its almost impossible to engage anything at a station. Tonight for example I must have tried to engage in PvP at least 8 or 9 times across 3 stationed systems and without fail the moment I engage someone the NPC’s warp in and I’m forced to flee.

Only last week I engaged a player with an otherwise clear grid, the moment I did NPC’s warped in, scrammed my ship and I lost it. Other than that incident the last couple of weeks haven’t been that bad, but tonight it was impossible to play. A few weeks back it was also particularly bad. Is the frequency of these events random or is there some trigger I am unaware of?

Can CCP please explain the mechanics, is this kind of NPC behavior as expected? If so may I ask what the justification is for this. Yes I know you want to provide content for people, but that type of content is surely better off in a site of some kind. Larger groups can deal with this but the very small groups and solo PvP’er cannot.

Kind Regards

CCP please! Someone give me a response. I’m pretty much solo in Venal atm and cant do diddly squat with these damn production badgers and defense fleets showing up.

I dont run missions, have pretty much never run missions so cant repair standings.

This mechanic makes me sad:(

Other than running lvl 1 missions for them and the Gurista epic arc, I have no idea how to repair standing for them. It would be nice to know if there are other ways to do this.

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