New Gurista NPC (high DPS) attacking anyone in high sec

(Green Cobra) #1

What’s up with the new gang of Gurista NPC (high DPS) attacking anyone in high sec while mining?
They keep warping out to a ping spot and back in again as well.

Almost lost a damn Orca to these buggers… :confused:

(Scipio Artelius) #2

Pirate forward operating bases.

(Green Cobra) #3

Well said “Scan them down and hit them hard to reap the rewards from defeating hostile forces.” not that they would appear in belts attacking anyone in them… :confused:
The DPS from them is pretty high, I’d guess about 400-600 or so from 5 of them.

(Black Pedro) #4

And rumour is that they will pod you as well.

Highsec is about to become somewhat more interesting. Did they web or point you?

(Green Cobra) #5

Think they didn’t but this is going to increase mineral prices in EVE if it’s not longer possible to mine the ore semi afk even in an Orca. These will most likely one shot a Retrever and kill Skiffs as well if pilot is away from the PC for a few minutes.

New high sec NPCS killing players in strong ships at stations
(Black Pedro) #6

Maybe, maybe not. Players will learn how to deal with them I imagine. I am not sure how many there are, but it should be possible to figure out what systems have an active pirate FOB in them or not with probes and avoid AFK mining there.

I guess the usefulness of that strategy depends on how frequently these bases move or if the NPCs start taking gates or not.

So much to learn about them.

(Rosov Aulmais) #7

Not really. Look at the Monthly Economic Reports and you’ll see most mining and bounties come from null.

(Buoytender Bob) #8

Do the NPCS have bounties,drop loot, or any significant salvage?

(Black Pedro) #9

Not much according to this account of the first fights against the FOBs:

The structures pay out and drop stuff, but not so much from the individual ships although that should be tested more.

(Buoytender Bob) #10

Thanks, that was a very nice write up! So this event is currently only Amarr and Caldari areas then? Are there any plans/dates for spreading the love to Gallante and Minmatar space soon?

(Green Cobra) #11

Jel in Sinq Laison have a gang of 4x Gurista Kestrels killing rats and players alike in the belts.
Checked and there is a Gurista FOB in Jel atm (Combat Scanner Probes).

(Erethond) #12

Out of curiosity, do these pirates have special names or just normal NPC rat names? If they are different (to go along with their higher dps), then zkill could be a good first source of intel to find FOBs…

(Atomeon) #13

And CCP Will “adapt” the NPCs as they will not work as they intended (sending ppl away from EVE, i mean afk mining) :stuck_out_tongue:

(Johan Breukelaar) #14

I lost my retriever as I indeed was grabbing some coffee. The kill report made no sense to me. So I grabbel a hauler to get some stuff from the wreck. Mind you the guristas frigates did not show in my overviews. Then boom lost the hauler. Now I was pissed so grabbed a Brutus with drones. That way the autolock gave me an option to ADD them to the overview. Before being able to shoot at the Blue frigates I had to turn off the safety. And I had to warp out as they stayed out of range. Then I went overkill and used my Proteus to kill them. But no reward at all. So not a good day.

(Pepsicor) #15

Does it seem strange CCP lays off 100 employees and then all of a sudden we have super smart npc’s?

(Mina Sebiestar) #16

Yes,that’s it those employees sole purpose was to delay killer NPC,s by holding by hands PVE hell gate that was located in their building now since they are gone…save your selves.

(Pepsicor) #17

Maybe these NPC’s aren’t so super smart. What would be more cost effective, hiring software engineers to create super smart AI or hire some people to play the NPC’s?

Maybe I’m wrong but It seems like a win-win for CCP and the people playing the NPC’s.

(Matthias Ancaladron) #18

Did anyone ever confirm what the new player seeking npcs drop to make them worth fighting?

(Arath Victoris) #19

I was in a 0.9 system at a gate, in a Bestower. The SECOND I uncloaked I was killed. How the hell are people supposed to haul anything in a T1 if that is all they can fly now? This is a ridiculous change for a 0.9 system and is seriously making me want to not play.

(Corrine Mascani) #20

Well, this is ■■■■■■ up. More reasons for not paying for a secondary character now. Well done CCP. Way to decrease your revenue from semi-AFK miners.