FOB related pirates had their standing mechanics changed

Today when I was scavenging some drones in Asteroid belts I was attacked by a group of Guristas Production frigates. I saw those frigs on dscan before I warped in; the last time I saw those guys they looked blue to me and doesn’t attack me so I thought it should still be the case. However this time they looked red and scrammed me, and I warped out at 50% hull only because they started aggro on my drones and gave me time to kill the tackler.

My standing before Diplomacy is -9.97 to Guristas and -0.01 to Guristas Production and after Diplomacy I am still -5.97 to Guristas but +1.99 to Guristas Production. I had ratted many Guristas but had not ratted too many rats related to Guristas Production.

I looked at the patch notes and found that the patch on January 9th( is probably the one responsible. They might have fixed the way standing is calculated from “Guristas Production only” to “Guristas and Guristas Production”, which means some players may become red to those Guristas/Blood Raider rats after the patch. I also noticed that there were Freighters tackled and killed by those rats:

It looks like a slight nerf to Caldari/Amarr space PVE, since by doing storylines and ratting anomalies/deadspaces you will lose standing towards Guristas and/or Blood Raiders, and you may be attacked by them on gates and belts (some says CCP will give them ability to combat probe players in the future, but that’s no sure).

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CCP has patched almost daily SINCE Jan 9 but they have not updated the patch notes.

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Incomplete patch notes (for example the burner buff) had been there for years… you have to play the game and be perceptive to notice the things changed.

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these rats dont tackle anything friend.

Yeah, noticed that. But hoboleaks shows no meaningful difference …

It does. I checked my game log:

[ 2018.02.07 10:36:17 ] (notify) You cannot do that while warping.
[ 2018.02.07 10:36:19 ] (combat) Warp scramble attempt from Guristas Production Condor to you!
...(more records of those rats hitting me pretty hard) 
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well the rats that killed the freighters you linked dont scram.

I don’t have direct evidence to your point, but I remember once the FOB pirates roam near stargates and blow up a poor guy, before the patch that changed their standings.

Well I have direct evidence to my point because I’m the person that helped kill those freighters. The gate fob rats will shoot anyone but they cant scram.

Maybe someone else killed the one scrams? In my yesterday experience only the Condor can scram.

oh I’ve only seen kestrals. How intriguing .

I think the issue we are seeing here is there are two types of npc’s from these FOB’s. There are the patrols and there are the response fleets.

I don’t think any of the patrolling npc’s can warp disrupt or scram (NOTE THIS IS MY OBSERVATION SO FAR) and I have killed several dozens of these patrols so far.

However additional forces that are summoned after player aggression which can be any of the following

  • shooting a npc miner or mining hauler
  • shooting a patrol rat while in a belt with a npc miner or hauler

then those summoned response fleet npcs CAN and WILL warp disrupt (maybe scram?) your ship … they will also grab your pod if you are not quick enough.

Looking at my ship fit I calculated that those rats had about 400-500 dps, and a freighter with minimal skills and all cargohold can align in about 45s and over 150k ehp, so you shouldn’t really die if you are not scrammed. Bumping is another possibility but NPCs might attack the bumping ship.

After some digging on zkillboard I found this kill at gate:

It could be a response fleet summoned by another player, which is hostile to me, and at the time I warped in they were shooting another player’s drone left behind.

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