Guristas Kestral

Been mining in a 0.6 system for a few months since I came back to the game and encountered 4-5 of these for the first time, they didn’t appear in overview for a start as they are not red? but they aggressed me anyway, I didn’t pay a lot of attention to them initially at first but then I noticed my procurer shield with both Adaptive invul shields running dropping fast and my 5 hobgoblins 2 not making any dents in the health of the one they were on. So I got out and grabbed my VNI to see if that could kill them, well they warp off about 400km then warp back in and out and vaporise my drones before they can do any damage. Do I need a battleship with tackle to kill them or something? Never seen these before, any help would be appreciated.

Those are to do with the new pirate FOB’s in hisec. You need to either move systems or organize the destruction of the pirate base to stop the NPC from spawning.

Ah ok thanks i’ll look into what they are.

New addition, last patch, from CCP.

  1. They may not appear in the Overview because they’re new kinds of (NPC) ships, so you need to go into your Overview settings and click the checkmarks for them. This usually happens when CCP adds new types of ships; they don’t have a way to keep everyone’s particular Overview settings updated, so new ships have a tendency to not show in the Overview, for everyone. Until you manually change your settings to add them.

  2. Pirate Forward Operating Bases (FOB’s) = pirate citadels = like Incursions but somewhat different. They have “advanced AI” and will warp in/out, and even pod you after destroying your ship. Read the announcement.

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