[Lifeblood] Pirate Forward Operating Bases (Guristas, Blood Raiders)

Test Pilots,

I have enabled 5 Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) for both the Blood Raiders and Guristas pirates for testing on Singularity. We are currently testing functionality of the structure and its reinforcements, and so there are some details/features still remaining to be finalized and are work-in-progress.

Currently they can be found in the following locations:

  • Forward Operating Bases are now released on TQ

In order to find these FOBs, you can utilize an expanded probe launcher loaded with combat probes to scan down the structure, and then warp to it.

Pirate reinforcements will spawn if the structure is threatened, in a similar way to the pirate shipyards.

We recommend trying to take these down with some friends.

Should you notice any issues, please create a Bug Report as usual within the EVE client, from inside the Help menu (F12), and then Report Bug.

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Will this be exclusively high sec content then?

Yes, could we get some more details? Like rewards; is this feature intended to slot under Incursions in its valuation to players? Will this be a new place to get pirate faction ship BPC’s, a new or existing line of SKIN’s, more? Will one FOB respawn elsewhere immediately after it is destroyed, or is there a cooldown? Does the NPC response keep increasing with each new player ship on grid, or will it have an upper limit? (Min-maxers might want to complete these with the fewest players/ships possible, to maximize their loot payout per player.)

it’s proper broken.

warp to the fob, you get stuck inside - promptly got blown up as my speed tanking ship was doing 0m/s bouncing inside the structure.

might wanna fix that.

also, the npcs pod. not sure if that’s intentional or not.

edit: the npc response is overkill. about 15 cruisers when i warped on to grid with a jackdaw. like, seriously?

Are FOB’s coming to each empire / for each pirate faction in lifeblood?

Or just the bunnies and blooders?

just guristas and raiders


Think they may want you to bring more than a Jackdaw.


HS needs… eve needs more PVE that actually poses a challenge

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Forward Operating Base Here i presented some screenshots of those FOBs, obviously at some earlier stage, actual stats may have changed (didnt check yet) or may be changed before release.

FOBs have 3 million structure HPs no resists, with damage limit of 5000 per sec, so its 10 minutes of shooting best case scenario. If one was to try solo kill it with say 700 dps cruiser it would take 70 minutes…

Rewards better be worthwhile )))

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where loot? 40 min solo paladin


these models have just made me sad all over again that they wont be doing pirate citadels like they did POS’

I’ve spent a lot of time watching and attacking these stations and I have a few comments. One the hauler doesn’t un-dock from the hanger, it comes out lower and to the left. I don’t know if this is on purpose or not, but the npcs can use ping spots to drop on you anywhere in the system even if your in your pod.

Overall the Bases seem to be working out quite well, I have yet to destroy one because not may people care about, I talk about a lot about them in incursion communities and no one really cares. So the end reward will have to be equal to time spent running incursions or carrier ratting. You do have to after all, have to find a system with a mining fleet, scan down a hauler, form a fleet in that system(which means pulling people away from what there doing, which is hard), and taking the tower down(which I don’t know if it will take many days and maybe not getting the loot due to someone stealing it.)

But, I really love have the pirates roam, and will attack structures so great work so far!!!

As mentioned in the original post, you use Probes to find these bases in High-Sec. That’s the most optimal way of finding these. It should be much quicker to locate them.

I strongly disagree with this. I would rather these things be killed because they become a problem if left alone. I think the potential will be waisted if these things are just constantly farmed.

Personally i would love to see these things drop loot but not enough to go out of your way for and i would love to see them grow strong enough today locals either group up to deal with it or hire outside groups.

This balance would lead to the most player interaction

I have to say, I agree with you here. These things in a system should make it harder for the locals to be safe, and thus look for and kill it. Wonder what happens if it spawned in a nearly dead system if it worked this way. Maybe better rewards for the longer it is up, but the longer it is up, the harder they get.

Loot could be blue modules, BPCs for sub-captials etc.

Just wondering where this system is. As I can’t find it via auto-pilot!

Its Nifshed with no l in it … typo from CCP.

Ah. darn them CCP lack of typo checks. /cry. I found one somewhere else on the list though. time to test

So found the Blood Raider FOB here. Threw a bling fitted rattlesnake at it… Dead. Throw a couple Golems at it. They died…

I like these sites. they will need more than 2 people and more testing to really figure out the best way to kill them.

Good work CCP. Also, is there a reason I should have the option to dock in the FOB?

Though I am wondering if some close range Torpedo Golems (other factions as well) would work great on them. Say like a group of 10 and just bash the tower. Only major issue I found with the BR rats is the neut power on them. I’m sure the Gurista will be a lot easier even with the Jamming, as the Jamming will be easier to counter than 0 capacitor.