♦ Still Need Help Figuring Out How to Survive Bashing FOB's

Does anyone have a good Ikitursa fitting for killing the Blood Raider FOB spawn (out of tower range)?

:diamonds: Need Help Bashing Forward Operating Bases :diamonds:

I’ve lost a few nice Rattlesnakes trying to figure this out. Any help would be great. https://zkillboard.com/group/1924/

:pirate_flag::parrot: No pirates!!! :parrot::pirate_flag:

So how do these Forward Operating Bases ops work? I know from first hand they’re not solo things.


Is this a scam? Last time I checked market for structure modules is a joke. Not to mention faction modules If a zkill is correct average is 200 mill a pop and you need at lest two accounts. I can krab more doing lvl 4 missions even if you could chain these non stop. But in reality 99% of the time will be wasted traveling to each spawn. If you really like that gameplay, just haul goods with that freighter. You gonna make better isk.

I’m amazed that anyone is running them…


Iirc @Dracvlad has some experience running these. He may be able to point people towards some groups or share some experience.


No. I am testing different methods on SiSi and they are doable for small fleets. It pays each fleet member and the drops are 100-300m. (Best I can tell)

I haven’t monitored the market for structure mods so I’m going to take a look at that as well.

You need to be patience and let people suffer from CCP ‘content’ until they realise the best way and the fun way are not the same thing in EVE.

It’s almost like it’s forbidden to have it fun and profitable.

The real masterclass comes when you realise the only fun to be had is destroying others activities / assets.


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I did the Blood Raider ones only, they are doable, but it needs a fleet.

Before the resistance nerf I used to run these with a Leshak and a Nestor. I found that they tended to go after the Nestor more than the Leshak. I would not destroy the fleet, just tank it and shoot the FOB.

As I had only two accounts I had to be really careful because of the possibility of a double spawn with the Diamond hauler coming back to the FOB and spawning its defence fleet. The hauler out in the belts is something that you must locate so you can get a reaction fleet to chase something fast. I found the BS fleet that spawns to defend the FOB easy to deal with from the Blood Raiders, but the cruiser fleet could overwhelm my tanks and if they spawned I would align out, hit mjd when both were up to speed and then warp, screw that up you are dead.

My fits were cap regeneration focussed because of the FOB neut which ran out of cap after a bit. The MJD is really important, as I said align to safe hit MJD and warp to safe before they can point you again.

Fit resistance profile for Blood Raiders obviously, you have to go as high resistance as you can and you need a lot of remote repping power.

Removing the rats that can point you is really important if you can.

I have debated doing them again with a group. Spider tanking Leshak’s and Domi’s work rather well. I thought it was interesting content in terms of running logi.

There is a nice bounty payment that is shared with the fleet, I think it scales with the fleet size up to a point, four participants I think, maybe more, it has been a while since I ran them. You get some structure mods and may get faction structure module BPC’s, mostly Blood Raider neuts.


You are trying to dig at something I didn’t said. OP claimed it’s profitable activity. I said he is wrong. If he has fund doing that content, it’s his choice. I don’t care. But it’s OP that brought isk argument. And that “elite pvp” remark at the end suggest that you are here only to troll and stir the mess…

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FOB are easy and soloable (1 person 2-3 characters ideally)
You just need to know what to use and have to be willing to spend a bit of isk up front.

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I will pay for this information.

Also, for all of you fitting experts, I will pay for a rattlesnake fitting that can tank them. I have one that’s very close.

*No purple :purple_heart:

That’s not what “solo” means.

Because the ratio of people grinding PvE to people doing literally anything else is so high, PvE in general “pays” so little per time invested (in terms of the purchasing power of the profits you make), that it’s genuinely difficult to justify the portion of the fun that comes specifically from making money, which is a significant portion of the overall “fun” found in any EVE activity.

Grinding out content which is ostensibly high-end, and still making the equivalent of like $1-2 per hour just makes no sense, when one can instead put in an hour of overtime at work and buy $15-20 worth of PLEX for the same amount of time invested.

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Solo can mean either 1 person or 1 character depending on how you want to define it.

The act of actually engaging the FOB requires a single character. The act of acquiring the loot can be done with a single character but is better when using multiple because sometimes a freighter is needed.

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sure just eve mail this character and Ill get to you later tonight when I am able to get on

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There really isn’t a lot to be made destroying an FOB and it’s very high risk. Look up the videos on FOB combat. Not your ordinary rats, not even ordinary diamond rats. You need big ships and lots of reps.

I once contacted a group of hardcore PVP’ers I’ve know for awhile to help get rid of a FOB in a system that was core to our operations. Even they wouldn’t take it on, not worth the effort.

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The only dig in that post is your subconscious reading more than was written.

I was refering to the L4 comment over the diamond bashing and events and all other stuff.

I really do not know from where you took that “elite pvp”, maybe you are too much into forum fights, or maybe you have some supernatural power to read my mind, which even if you are right, you have zero proof.

Take it easy.

TIP: it takes two minutos to check my zkillboard and see I’m not an “elite pvper”. lol

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Of course hardcore PVP’ers aren’t going to know how to deal with a hardcore PVE situation lol


Blood Raider FOB? Just use a tachyon beam aurora sniper Paladin. Fry the towers first. Use the Paladin’s MJD bonus to dance around at range and be able to warp out if needed.
When FOBs first came out I warped a rattlesnake in to check out what they were…oopsie lol. Dunno if I’d do a rattlesnake but maybe that’s just me because of that little surprise. GL!

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I don’t think you could avoid being scrammed while applying enough dps.

I had a plan and still lost a rattlesnake.

I talked to a guy that somehow solo’s them in a blaster Kronos. I have no idea how he can do that. Hat’s off to him.

I’ve tried so many variations. They have gotten tougher. I tried a ratting Nid on SiSi and the screen went red with NPC’s. They killed it faster than a 30 cats on one little Venture :heart:

Someone needs to do something about the griefing of innocent, law-abiding players by these sociopath NPC bullies.