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I need some help on running FOB’s. I have used 3 drekavics in the past. They a little slow and when the hauler spawn shows up when I am on the structure I end up losing a drev. I see people using leshaks, haven’t been able to find decent fits for them.
How do people deal with the hauler spawn and all the cap pressure ? should I shoot the hauler ?
How do you deal with the battleships that stay at 100km ?
Any help appreciated.

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You don’t shoot any of the NPC. You tank them because they just respawn. If the hauler comes in, you warp out. All damage goes on the FOB because that’s the only thing that matters. Fit cap batteries and cap rechargers, and maybe bring a Guardian or Augoror for cap transfers. Also fit an MJD to align to a station/structure and MJD and then warp if things get hairy.



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Has the banana distribution always been like that? I always ran them with 2 Nestors and it was relatively easy to tank the normal spawn. Only the cruisers are a huge risk but that’s what the MJD is for. MJD, warp out, wait 5 minutes for them to despawn and warp back in.


I never bothered with the ships. I just tanked them which was easy enough after the FOB stops neuting you.

Yes, Trig ships, the OP jackmaster-of-all-trades.

With agency telling all the world where FOBs are it’s probably a good thing that I stopped doing them a long time ago.


I tested this the other day and it doesn’t work anymore. I let my alt sit there for an hour and it never stopped neuting me. It would cycle, go back to yellow boxing and then back to neuting.

You got me beat! Cheers!

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i don’t know what was with the massive trollage in this thread. shrug

anyways, i’m assuming you are going up against blood raiders? regardless, if you have a friend or a backup computer (“entity”) with an alpha scout in a mwd fast ship you could fly around and find the miners and then orbit the asteroid belt at 1000km once you get close to spook the miners. (it’ll trigger what i call the “response fleet” which don’t starburst)

as for the ■■■■■■■■ here about “don’t shoot they’ll just respawn” is an old trope here and dead wrong.
pretty much everything you heard here are lies made from whole cloth.

as for the “defense fleet” (which do starburst) the battleships are actually the best spawn type because they spawn in lower numbers and amount to much less dps than the cruiser spawns…i tend to ignore them and the tackle is ignore by the logi team who stick with the sniping BBs.

contact me ingame for leshak fits and other support vessel types. but, i believe once you have that response fleet distracted at the asteroid belt (make sure you warp your frigate or cruiser back on grid to get 30m isk reward just before it blows up) you’ll be happy with your drek trio.

what fit do u use for the dreks?

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