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Hi everybody!
I noticed that the last relevant messages on the FOB topic date back to the beginning of 2020
Currently, it seems no longer worthwhile to free systems from FOBs due to the low reward.
However, I would like to have more updated information on how to deal with what appears to be the end game of the Imperial PVE.

In the last 10 days, 3 FOBs have appeared in the system, one at a time. Mining asteroids is no longer possible and production has stopped.

Is there a logic of spawning ??? Why all in that system in a few days ???
As far as I was able to learn from the forum, ships and fits that could work a year ago may have problems today.

Is there a viable strategy nowadays?
Which vessels is recommended to use?

Thank you for any help you can get.

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I think it’s all part of CCP’s scarcity plan to reduce income and increase destruction by any means possible.

As far as I know, the only viable strategy to remove FOB’s from systems is to form a fleet with other players. Besides DPS, probably need Logistics and Ewar support as well.

Other than that, I don’t know how many ships would be needed in the fleet or how they should be fit. Hopefully others can post more info.

Get 2 leshaks and blap them

the more ships you enter the grid with; the more rats will spawn increasing the amount of dps. People are solo rattle snaking them regularly.

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If that’s all why don’t they simply ask us to throw away half our ships without reprocessing them then give out Skilling implants like master at arms only one’s that last 30 days and give a +10 boost as long as the value meets a certain threshold, I’d burn some ships.

Join in-game chat channel FOB killers. I don’t bother with killing them anymore, these kind folks will, just toss them 100m isk or so tip.

Because CCP get’s their jollies from looking at Killmails, especially ones from their NPC’s.


1 leshak with 2 or 3 logi praxis or 2 leshak 2 praxis and you should be fine while you focus down the FOB. :smiley:

Can you link a fit that would be good for the leshaks and/or praxis. The fits I saw around seem to be older so im not sure how accurate they are?

this is just my two cents. but i think CCP targets high-player count systems or a system with high crabing i-e locust mining, rating ect. as iv been moving from hs to hs system clearing out belts only to log in the next day and see 3-4 fobs in system. i have a region with liturly 14 fobs right now and its really anoying.
as for dealing with them… i just use 4 nestors and a eos. not to hard

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