FOB Guristas, reward to small. Loot Doo doo!

Hello everyone,
I destroyed solo FoB Guristas and i recived only 15mil as reward and from loot 26mil (didn’t loot)
I just want this solo killing on this FoB to be more isk as reward for destroying it solo. Even in fleet if you do it the reward is doo doo. You spend soo much time doing it and u get potato chips.
This was my 1st time trying solo FoB and i did it in 7h and 30min yea i know i am insane i dont know when to quit :smiley:
Yea i also died to a FoB Blood RIder they r F*** hard solo. (still crying) :smiley: :smiley:

Soo CCP pls make rewards more higher.

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Congrats on your solo kill - that’s not an easy accomplishment.

I think the real reasons for the FOBs was to try to get more players out of high sec. According to various estimates, like an older graph from CCP Quant, 75-85% of players live in hi-sec. FOBs introduce an element of real danger to hi-sec, prodding players to try mining and other activities in low and null.

FOBs aren’t meant to provide worthwhile loot objectives. This is why groups of miners often have to pay FOB-killing corps to remove FOBs. If you want to make money doing this, get another player (or two) to help you. You will probably be able to kill them in less than 30 minutes. Then, contact mining corps in systems with FOBs and offer to remove them for 600 mill. You will probably find a lot of customers and make a good deal of cash.

Since the beginning of of time itself they have tried, if CCP hasn’t figured out yet not every player wants to play ass grabbing with others, some players don’t want to go into the groping rooms.

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