Upcoming FOB changes and L4 missions

What are the expected counters when the Pirate Forward Operating Base rats start to enter mission pockets, ice anoms, and other pve anoms when the FOB spawns in your system?

With this change it may make some missions or mining content a lot harder and I want to be prepared for that.

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Same as when incursion spawns you take your botting next system.

Do you have link for said changes?

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same, WTF is he even talking about ?

Is he on drugs ? 'Cause I think he is.

No I do not condone anyone take drugs.

This is about announcement/notes where pirate FOB npc will not only go to mining belts in system but the anomalies and any mission pockets players spawn in that system. Part of enhanced content for more group plays I think.

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can you link an official statement ?

When it hapend in furure, theres an invasion in ur region, u cant switch to other agent in other region? Usually ppl switch to other region and not coz of rats but coz of rez, dps and bounty down, if u not smart enough to get this then ur ship deserve to be blown up :ccpguard:

Not sure exactly what this is all about without a link to any official notes.

Incursions already send rats to asteroid belts. Not sure about missions. I always avoided those systems when mining or missions anyway. Not hard to do.


Without that its just ever so much rumour and bollocks.

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If anything FOB’s should go away, not become more enhanced. In this case OP seems to be way out there.


Why would they go away? This is content the players have repeatedly asked for and it is being enhanced.

The small minority cannot overrule the majority who love the FOB pirate mechanics and interactive gameplay in system.


Which majority are you speaking about?

FOB are being run by a handful of people, probably even fewer than RW sites. For the actual majority of people, FOB are a nuisance and prevent them from doing what they like for no good reason and without any good rewards.


Proves the point there with those extensive group content kills. FOB is what the players want and need further immersion into the systems they occupy.

“Participants” like this are the reason these forums need a way to block others much like you can do in game…

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prove it or gtfo.


Show us where the forums threads are, where anyone would want this. I am anxious to know.

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Remember the days when the trolls would spin a believable narrative?..

NO ONE AT ALL is doing FOBs. There are no FOB kills on zKill for a very long time. The loot per time spent is crap. Only FOBs killing single retards trying to do them on their own. Last I knew they couldn’t even be accomplished with a 5 man team. FOBs are nothing but a nuisance. They should be made worthy of time investment or removed.

last I knew people were killing fobs with 3 ppl to maximize isk/h

This is very true. FOB is one of the most desired content in high sec currently and the majority want these to be expanded into other areas for further fun and rewards.

Only small percentage does not get it and wants tp ruin others fun and profit…

reported for meaningless spam.

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