FOB Rats - Fix them

Doing agent “suggested” mining belt in hi-sec. Warp in, by the time overview shows a fleet of blood raider rats that neut, warp scram + 3 other effects…I was unable to even turn around and leave before loosing my two ship fleet.

I’d have no issue with this if I made a mistake. But I did not, hi-sec encounters unless specifically combat orientated should allow you to flee. This is broken.

I was starting to think agent suggested belts would be worth while but I’ll skip them from here on out and go back to standard veld mining unless there are rare ores to be had and I bring a combat ship in fleet.

Ridiculous mechanic, fix it.

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It isn’t broken. FOB and incursion rats are intentionally dangerous and they intentionally roam the systems (constellations for incursions) where they spawn. The agency should also have shown that there was an FOB in system - warning you to expect roaming gangs of powerful rats. If you can’t deal with them - you can mine in the system next door.

There are player fleets that seek out and destroy the FOBs for PVE content but, in the meantime, they add a bit of risk to highsec.


The Blood Raiders just got payback for all the damage you have done to them in the past - they only attack players with negative status to them, and you must have done some terrible things to them for them to get that mad.

Working as intending I think.


It’s not broken, that’s how the game works.

You’re supposed to be living in danger,
you’re supposed to be vigilant,
you’re supposed to getting your ass kicked if you fail watching your back.

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but yeh this isnt farmville

Waht ?


Someone told me the fobs and the rw were gonna be removed so I was thinking you said “rip” for the fobs.
Just realized you were saying “rip” for the OP.