Letting Diamond Rats Roam is just stupid

So not only did CCP make mining more dangerous by moving Isogen out of high sec but also these Diamond Rats that roams systems with FOBs in them is just dumb. These are high sec systems with mostly newer players. Someone that doesn’t know why these really strong rats are killing them is never going to come back to that system again. I have several frineds who are new to the game and just lost several ship to these guys. LikeI get it, cool, hard end game content. That’s awesome, just don’t let a few frigates be able ro roam around and clap cheeks as they please.

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oh shut up!!

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To be fair, the game needs to be more clear about the strength of the available enemies. The drifters scanning gates and stations are another example of this. How many new players have been killed because they shot an npc they otherwise thought would be ok to shoot?

Gotta bump that destruction metrics somehow…

Can’t remember where; but I read somewhere these rats respond with a fleet equal to your own. When I went in one ship and found I was being shot by nearly 30 enemies, I was reminded CCP are dicks.

Probably you misunderstood something as I think the fleets scale their power level compared to what they face and not of an equal power level, so if you bring something that can beat their power level then it will be equal or even your advantage but if not then you will be overwhelmed pretty quick.

Though even that only applies to the defense fleet that spawns when you warp to the Forward Operating Base itself and not the response fleet that warp in when you disturb their mining fleet at belts as those are usually the same regardless what you bring and can be one of a few possible compositions at least based on what I’ve witnessed of their behavior.

Btw there are dedicated players / groups that destroy these things so once you have it figured out it should be straightforward to remove the FOB. The mining response fleets can be dealt with too I saw tactical destroyers hunting these to then get to their safespot where they kill the hauler which drops some strongbox, so these should be straightforward to run too once you know how to beat them, though not entirely sure if these hunters actually beat the response fleet or just avoid them and kill off the hauler instead then wait for the response fleet to move off grid to grab the loot so do proper research if you attempt this.

FOB rats are easily avoided. Simply check the Agency for a Forward Operating Base in your system or the surrounding systems, and if there is one, either don’t go mining or at least be watchful when you do.

NPC miners are also very easy to deal with. If there are NPC miners sucking up all the belts in your system, simply warp into the belt, fire a single shot at one of them, immediately warp back to a station, wait 5 minutes, then warp back to the belt. The NPC miners and the response fleet will be gone, and you now have the belt to yourself.

As far as killing the haulers and response fleet, we shoot at the hauler, it warps away to it’s safe spot, we probe down the hauler, warp in at 100km and pull the response fleet about 500km away from it, then warp to zero on the hauler and blap it before the response fleet can get back on grid.

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the game is suppose to be Industry → PVP with optional PVE

over the years the game has seen many changes and been PVP focused with optional industry.

currently the game is looking to be more along the lines of
Industry → PVE with Optional PVP which makes the demographics of the ecosystem more stable imho.
this doesn’t shrink the demographics of the existing pvp players so ultimately this is a good thing.

I think nearly 30 ships including several battleships to kill one guy is just ■■■■. I’m supposed to be having fun while playing this game right?

lol well if you dont like high sec come move out to null sec. cause everday that passes high sec gets less and less safe as ccp tries to make more and more sinks.

Some people have fun killing them off on a constant basis so if it is not your forte then perhaps don’t attempt to do something that does not fit you? :thinking: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


“Player Features & Ideas”

OP doesn’t have a player feature, nor an idea. Just a rant.




I have officially run out of things to do.

New players should be used to dying a lot with cheap starting ship’s, focusing on decent info on death “you where killed by a diamond rat which has a difficulty rating of 20/10, increase standings to these rat’s or avoid them in your future en-devours.” or w.e, instead of removing the rat’s is a better call imo. Especially if there are tons of starter missions which give out 5 to 10 ship’s at a time where the player initially respawn’s at first.

If from the very beginning loss is not an issue then they will be less inclined to leave the game when they die with something a bit more expensive. Or even better they will have death in mind when building up a ship and maybe limit the isk they spend on it.

Op it’s normal my dude I have died 63 times in a short period of time. Wait I have died more than you and your like 20x older than me xD damn.

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