What is CCP doing?

Ok, I will admit it now, I am pretty salty about a few things that I have noticed over the last few days. As a new player playing in Hi sec I have learned to run pretty tanky ships to be able to withstand a PVP attack until concorde police show up and take care of the attacker. I do not go into low or null sec due to the fact that PVP players quite frankly, will tear my ass up without a care in the world, but these Blood Raiders in hi sec attacking me and my new player crew is rediculous, 12 blood raiders attacked me the other day and there literally was nothing I could do, over 12 dropped in and warp scramed me and all I could do was set there and watch rats kill my 130million ISK miner, then on another account a Navy Omen, all in hi sec, where police are suppose to be protecting us from attacks…what the hell are you people at CCP doing? Are you trying to run off new players that spend a lot of money on this game? Now if a PVP player killed me I wouldnt be so salty about this, but rats, really? C’mon now, we cant even warp away from these attackers, and police do not show up for NPC attacks, and I am pretty sure game people that made this choice already knew this.

I do not fly ships that I am not willing to lose, to PVP players, but to lose my best ships to rats I have no escape from and police will not show up, really is no sense to keep on playing let alone spend 100’s of dollars a month on it. I really hope to hear what CCP has to say about this, and I am sure know it all toxic players will have there say on this comment, I dont need to hear it, I just want an explanation from a CCP admin or mod as to why you are screwing us new guys over in hi sec with over powered NPC RATS!!

Sadly, I wouldn’t hold my breath. From all that I’ve seen, none of the CCP devs even read this forum any more, much less make replies.

ty for your input, this will help me make my decision much easier, as I can now stop wasting my hard earned money on EVE and try to find another game to replace it with, what a waste of time, EVE got 100’s out of me in a short time, they will get no more…their loss not mine, off I walk into the sunset, was fun while it lasted, now it is time to move on

Sounds like you were in an area of space with a Forward Operating Base (FOB) They are harder and stronger rats than normal belt rats.

Best idea if you have one in your area if its not being fought against, is to move to a nearby area until they are destroyed or gone (assuming you don’t have the skills or ships to go after it with help)

There is another way, get your faction standings with blood raiders (which is not reasy to do) to 2.0 and they won’t attack.

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Given that you died to NPCs it was almost certainly a 100% avoidable situation. You can either learn from your mistake and become a better player or not. It seems like we already know what you chose. Your failure isn’t the game’s fault.


I’ m really curious where you’re mining?

I’ve never had rats warp scram me.

I’ve had rats sensor dampen or target paint but that’s it. And that was in .5 and .6 systems. Even when my corp goes ratting in lowsec I can’t recall being scrammed ot even ECM jamed by rats.

Send me an in-game message if you prefer.


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:diamonds: Cruor - Blood Raider Frigate (30km web, 2x small neut) [75 DPS small pulse]

:diamonds: Crucifier - Blood Raider Ewar Frigate (Unscripted TD and GD) [32.5 DPS small pulse]

:diamonds: Executioner - Blood Raider Frigate (13km web, 30km disruptor) [70.5 DPS small pulse]

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Will be hard, good luck with this. What about learning from it, and avoid such situations next time? We all have lost ships to rats some day. Yes, it’s embarrassing, but it happens eventually. Then you analyze what went wrong, ask for help, and move on. There is a solution for all obstacles in EvE.


Looks like Nakatre, Devoid
These rats are tough. But highsec is not called “allsec”, even rats can be nasty.

I remember times Triglavians roamed asteroid belts - afk-Retrievers did not stand a chance at all, my tanky Procurer were just able to fight them off, but also these Trig sites had very nice ore amounts.


Sucks to hear you died to a fob.
I lost an Orca (1.4b isk) to fob rats once. Learned my lesson to check the agency.

I agree however. The Faction Police should assist. Concord only intervenes in capsuleer on capsuleer attack but there is also navy / faction police that can and should assist imho (not bail out, but assist)


These were diamond rats. As has been said, they are related to FOBs. The FOBs are listed in the agency as I recall. They are easy to deal with if you are not afk.

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Thanks to those in this reply section, to the others who had to say “cause your failure” and “could have been 100% avoided” I have other choice words to say that are not so good, so will keep them to myself, but I will say this, I am not dumb, I do know about rankings, and if you knew as much as you claimed, you would know rats will attack no matter your space rankings, smart asses :smiley:

To JayEm Highcastle and Pierre, thank you, your comments was well received and what I was looking for as far as comments go. As a new player there is still ALOT for me to learn, and I absolutely hate it when knowledgeable automatically think new players like myself know everything, including all the crap that is in the “agency”. And yes, I was warp scrammed, is what it said right on my screen above my capacitor while under attack…I am NOT an afk or bot player, I heard them all poof in and immediately tried to get the fook out of dodge, but due to more than 1 rat/npc warp scramming me I had no chance.

I still have no clue on how to search for that stuff in the agency, I am still going to play EVE, just will not be putting in the amount of hours nor spending the real life money I was in this game, will only be doing the 1 omega account, over the three, just to keep the 250+ days of skills running…the other accounts, those are EVE’s loss, this run in just saved me around 75 bucks a month EVE would normally get :smiley:

Its been a while since i played with the agency. Personally, I think the agency is crap. But I have been playing well over ten years and my opinion should be taken with a grain of salt due to bitter-vetness. That being said, I believe there is a tab for fob related content. Just click through them and you should find it. I think diamond rats infect the system where the fob is as well as the surrounding systems.

Being afk/bot player - is not the samething as dying because of afk. Eve is notorious for creating content that is best consumed afk. For instance, people mine and watch movies all the time. The same goes for hauling or rating. The diamond rats punish that behavior. Eve is like that - as soon as you go off to take a piss, some nub ganks you or a diamond rat kills you. Its all part of the game.

As for how to beat the diamond rats - well, I dont pve, but you can get standings with them, you can fight them, or you can avoid them. Just beware of your surroundings and you will see them and you can go elsewhere.

Everybody loses pve boats at one time or another. I lost my first pve tempest doing a lvl 4 because nobody told me that lvl 4 rats point. There were no pointing rats in lvls 1 to 3 - so why should there have been in lvl 4? With time, you will make plenty of isk and it will just be one more thing, something of a joke from your early days.

if you do not know how to search for FOB’s in the agency, then, yes, logic says it was 100% avoidable.
Not being a smart azz, just pointing out the obvious.
Fly safe…


You were careless and made a mistake, but blame other players in this thread and CCP.

Something tells me an individual with your poor attitude won’t be missed.


whatever…scroll up and read knucklehead

I wasn’t trying to be condescending with the comments I made. FoB’s generally require outstanding skills or a fleet to take down. That’s why I suggested to either leave the system or get help.

I also suggested how to prevent diamonds from attacking you.

i understand your frustration. you encountered something new for you in eve, and this new threat resulted in some losses. but now you learned about it and can now take actions to avoid or remove this threat

i too suffered from them, but my reaction was different. i only had one thought - revenge - and spent hours learning about them. and quickly FOBs became my favorite content in eve

Blood Raiders Forward Operating Base has mining fleet related to it, which mines in same belts players do, and if those miners enter belt with players in it, or player enters a belt with that mining fleet in it. then blood raider miners run away, and their combat response fleet warps in. so technically they did not attack you, they were defending their miners. from their point of view you are the aggressor

it is true that you could do nothing about it, because you just did not know they are very dangerous the first time you ran into them. but now you know. and if you spend time, or ask help from others, you would notice that like others mentioned:

  • agency window can be used to check if there are FOBs in current system. so you can just choose to avoid system
  • diamond rats (miners included) show up on directional scanner. seeing them in system is red flag for mining in belts. moons and ore anomalies are safe
  • combat response fleet has delay once you come in contact with miners, and this combat response fleet is visible on directional scanner long before they land on grid. so there is enough time to run away before combat ships show up

just heads up that there are other npcs that can prevent you warp out and kill you in highsec too, tho some of them come with some more visible warnings. like:

  • incursion rats
  • triglavians in minor victory systems
  • drifters
  • mission rats

and likely others i don’t even know about or forgot

on bright side at least triglavian raznoborgs, that were present almost in all highsec systems in early stages of triglavian content, and were massacring newbros left and right are now gone. their victim counts were much higher

would like to correct this part. blood raider diamond rats only have warp disrupt:

  • prevents warping, has strength 1

not to be mistaken with actual warp scram

  • prevents warping, shuts down and prevents using microwarpdrives and micro jump drives, has strength 2

very few npcs have the real scram. e.g. guristas production condor - Guristas FOB mining responce tackle frigate (diamond rat). reason why MJD battleships get occasionally screwed over by Guristas FOBs but not Blood Raider ones

eve online is a sandbox. and discovering it’s dangers and mysteries (or… lets just say mechanics) is up for us players to do. with every new content and change, comes players casualties. and upon those sacrifices - guides and countermeasures are born

if you are interested in hunting diamond rats (for their juicy haulers), FOBs, or just get your revenge, i can help

or anyone else killing them:


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