Whats the point of diamond rats?

you can’t fight them, you can’t kill them. All you can possibly do is warp off, so whats their purpose?

You can fight them and you can kill them. It just requires more than one person to do so.


yeah but why would you do it? Its not worth the effort. So again, whats their point?

Lack of human threat due to lack of interest in game, most likely.

Not that they are a real threat, but then thats the paradox of a threat in HS isnt it. Its either too much or its not good enough.

Much like the game in general.

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Diamond rats undock from pirate Forward Operation Bases.
Do some research. FInd the base, fleet up with a few friends and destroy it. Take your destiny in your own hands…

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INB4 “its not worth it financially”


not true, they also randomly spawn in null belts. Has nothing to do with FOB sites.


Where do you think faction capital BPCs come from.

“What’s their point” :rofl:


mate you must be a multi trillionaire if a 250b+ value blueprint isnt worth the effort


Most EvE players hate losing ships to other players, but for a long time that was the only reason not to fall asleep while playing the game.

As CCP phases out non-consensual player interactions, they needed something to keep miners and grinders awake - hence diamond rats.

In some ways it has worked - in highsec especially.


nah, these sites are just completely out of scope of what I can do in this game. To me these diamond rats are a nuisance, no more.

once you get yourself into a marauder you’ll be farming them in no time

Don’t listen to these trolls, Robert. The only purpose of the diamond rats is to decrease the amount of players in the game! CCCP/PA have decided they don’t want EVE anymore, so they figured out a way to grief the players out with more meaningless, unwanted PvP. And don’t tell me diamond rats aren’t PvP! They are as strong as other players, so it’s effectively the the same thing!



Nothing is harder than a diamond rat…

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The diamond rats you refer to are likely belonging to a FOB. These are occasional pirate structures that pop up in random High Sec systems. They are definitely more difficult to handle than your typical belt rat. Better AI, better resists, much more dps and ewar. The rats themselves arent worth much. But the FOBs can be lucrative. The ones in low/null usually belong to Sotiyos. Much more difficult to run, although worth way more. If you dont plan to fight the rats and clear the fob, my advice is to jump a system or two away and do stuff there for a day or two until someone clears the fob.

im ranting about these in null.

Yes, you’re ranting about the dotted line on a treasure map to something like a future Molok or hundreds of billions of ISK condensed in 0.01m3. If only you could convince a large gang of friends to go out and put in the legwork, which I hear is what nullsec is supposed to reward.

Diamond rats are now also spawning around gates in highsec as “faction navy” and I think EDENCOM npcs are “diamond” as well. But pretty much every new content these day has “diamond” behavior and strength, ie. frigates of a strength of a cruiser etc.

is this how they compensate lack of live players populating their game?

Diamond rats are BETTER than other players, because their victims don’t get triggered by griefing.