Do Rats attack based on Faction Ratings

Was mining away in low sec with two other players. All in Ventures. Clone Soldier Trainer warps in and goes straight past the other two and attacks me who was furthest away from where it warped in.

Is this due to Faction Ratings or is it completely random?


They will attack the highest negative standing, there is a certain point where specific ship types will still be engaged first, but if you happen to be higher than that point you primary target.


Thanks, thought there must be something more than random chance in it

In Triglavian Space they go the next step further and will try to pod you.

And if you have very low standings to, say Blood Raiders, and a diamond Blood Raider mining ship is in the belt with you then it will call a response fleet on you.
Diamond response fleets are scaled to the threat you represent and normally more than you can handle.

Fortunately, diamond rats are normally local to a FOB. But it does mean the area is risky until someone kills that FOB and they move on.

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